Places to take a girl to......??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Green_Homer, Mar 18, 2007.

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  2. Best place to take a young lady? Up the ronson - let her know the score from the early stages
  3. Make sure you end up at the morgue...
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  5. To quote Lord Flasheart

    "You should treat your wimmin like you treat your kite"

    Anyway, mmmmmmmm, cinema ? Seal clubbing ?
  6. KFC, Mac D's, dont set too high a target, it only means you have to do better each time. :numberone:
  7. Oh that is sheer briliance :thumright: maybe she could teach him about the laws on buggery of 21 old law students!
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  9. Heaven or Hell??

    I'm sure that could vary slightly depending on your appraoch :p
  10. Dare I suggest the theatre?
  11. No you daren't. Burds don't deserve culture. They get 6 inches of the finest pork sword if they're lucky and they're grateful for it. Like it was in the good old days. We were poor then, but we were 'appy...
  12. Hmm Danny Champion of the World................................. :plotting:
  13. Have a night in with a fridge of beer,Take away,Cigs and watch porn sounds like a perfect night to me sure she will love it.
  14. Go early for a pot noodle and a w.ank first on a park bench.... then build her up for the brown eye game of bullseye in your bedspace.. All law students love it up em, espically if they have them judge wig thingys, make sure she wears that too, for added effect! Theres no expense spared...

    P.s make you get your love sausage up her bombay badboy it gives added effect, i.e make sure she eat a curry first, then bum her to death, so that she anally prolapses up your wall... its mint!

    I wonder why i am single? :thumleft:
  15. heres my two pence worth: try and be a bit different so shell remember it, how many times do you recon shes had blokes try and touch her up in the cinema? be thoughtful, she'll notice that and will appreciate the effort. Good luck bud

    P.S regular readers of The NAAFI Bar will know that im a pup aged 18, so im prepared for incoming!