places to stay in arnhem

A few of us wanted to run our own trip to Arnhem this year so we can do it at our own pace rather than have the f*$k around factor that goes with unit trips. Was wondering if any one had done this before and could recommend any hotels near to the centre that are on the cheap side and whether it is better to fly to amsterdam or get the ferry and drive on our own. Cheers for any help you can offer. Thinking of going at the end of march, no time like the present
Arnhem / Oosterbeek is only an hour and a bit on the train from Amsterdam... I'd recommend staying there especially if you fancy a night on the beer.

Take plenty of money with you..... its not cheap

Try that.

The fly/ferry equation depends on how many guys you've got.

The Harwich-Hoek van Holland ferry costs about 230 quid.

A much better option can be to use speedferries ( Dover-Bologne for 50 quid return - Arnhem's then a 4hr drive from there. When I come back to Blighty I like to drive to Bologne & get on the speedferry.

If you're coming anywhere near The Hague, give us a shout.
Gutted spent about half an hour tapping a cracking dit about things to do in Arnhem and my computer crashed ( ran out of coal!) any how been to Arnhem a few times but was impressed by some of the blokes who hired a UK winebago camper last year and drove to Arnhem and had a cracking time, less the night that Eddy was MIA with the keys!

You could stay in the YHA its cheap and cheerful theres also loads of campsites but they are all a bit out of Arnhem, Taxis are expensive, Push bikes make good sense as there aint no hills and you can have a few sociable ones whilst on route around the different sights.

Fly to Amsterdam or D/dorf and get the train?

Check out the Uni bar and give my regards to the smackheads who steal oxygen under John Frost Brugge

If you want details of Pussers Accom PM me
cheers for all the help. The best i've found so far is flights on some last minute type place for around £50 can post the web address later. Stay OK hostel is the cheapest accomadation so far. Thanks again for all the help
I used the train to travel there to watch scotland not long ago and it only cost me £40 rtn!

That ticket includes the train London-Harwich-ferry-train hoek to any station in Holland return, Stayed in the Hotel Park on the outskirts of Arhem £60 a night through the central hotel booking service.

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