Places to eat and drink in Kiev


I am off to sunny Kiev next week, and I am looking for a few travel tips. The Great Patriotic War Museum is top of the list, obviously, along with various other sights, but what I would like to see/experience is the eating and drinking bit. I am looking for a traditional Ukrainian restaurant, all that borscht etc, but also something more new wave, if there is such a beast, exeriencing the best of modern Ukrainian. Any thoughts? And no trip East would be complete without a drink or two, so I would like to try a traditional Ukr bar, and where the old boys hang out would be good, as well as something posh. Suggestions welcome!

Mate, I just wish I could remember the places I visited when I went over there to watch Scotland play. Apart from running the gauntlet of Ukrainian nutjobs on every street corner the trip was great. I did however find a great we bar in and around the main square which wa sunder the street level in the underpass and the door is shaped like a large beer barrell, The food and drink were superb as was the view (Local Talent).


If you are looking to pick up a chick...or two.. go Shooters bar and speak english

edited to add: They all eat bloody sushi for some reason!

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