places that shouldnt rock but do ! PUBLIC SERVICE

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ballonhead, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Following on from a thread I was looking at earlier about random pubs and funny stories.
    Does anyone know of towns where you wouldnt expect a top night out but when you get there they are the boll@x !
    My candidate for the title would be Yarm near Sunderland/Hartlepool on a Tuesday night. Did a couple of Tuesdays there a while ago when staying up that way and was gobsmacked by the ale drinking and totty !
    By replying to this thread you are doing everyone a favour by saving them from a sh@t night out so its a public service really .
  2. don't go to staines in surrey, it's utter shite!
  3. Wimbledon. Use to be a hoot. Since the Tramlink opened there's an influx of chavscum and sh1tty pubs
  4. Wimbledon. Use to be a hoot. Since the Tramlink opened there's an influx of chavscum and sh1tty pubs
  5. I actually once had a good night out in Andover, but it was cancelled out by waking up the next morning on some shitty estate with a fat slapper with about 100 kids.

    I dont think I have ever ran so fast since. I still apologise to my willy to this day.
  6. Her name wasn't Sharon, was it??
  7. Kipping out in Taf Fechan Forest, looking to do a quick trot up Pen-y-Fan the following morning.

    Woken at 2am by the locals on a night out from Merthyr who were having a rave in the local carpark. Wasn't even any decent totty.

    Oh, not that sort of Rock.
  8. I don’t even want to attempt to remember her name, although I believe it was Elaine or some such.

    Honest mate that “King Arthur’s Way” estate is full of 'em.

    I must qualify for PTSD after waking up there. I still occasionally wake up screaming and sobbing with the flashbacks of heaving flesh and stale Lamberts in an overflowing ashtray.

    I’m feeling all nostalgic now.

    Might just sneak off and have a sly tug over the memory.
  9. fellas, fellas. Am trying to do everyone a favour here by telling them where not to go but more importantly giving them top tips as to where they should go for a top night out !
    This is not the place to talk about your sordid nocturnal activities and bashing the bishop !
    Keep it real :)
  10. You're expecting a NAAFI thread not to drift?

    Yes it is. If we removed all that then the NAAFI would be smaller (and duller) than Motoring :D
  11. I agree about Yarm but your geography is sh1te. Yarm is near Stockton/Middlesborough but given the likely effects of a night out there I suppose you can be forgiven :D
  12. Bridgefoot near Perth. Got wrecked there once. Only 2 pubs but still managed to have a blinding night and still get laid.
  13. No its not I live there.

    Well its got one or two good pubs.

    No bugger it, its full of chavs on Sat night.

    But otherwise its quiet nice.
  14. Fair point on the geography- especially as I was at RAF Leeming at the time doing some Hawk navigating !
  15. Used to live in Staines... thougt it was awful, could be worse though.

    Could be Ashford!