Place in EU to cost UK 60% more

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. The Human Rights Act is not anything to do with the EU.
  2. The HRA was implemented to bring UK Law in line with the EU so has EVERYTHING to do with the EU.

    The extra money to the EU is being paid so that Blair gets the EU presidency, that was the deal behind closed doors, give up the rebate, sabotage a referendum.

    Every MP involved in this shameful act of treachery should be prosecuted for treason and strung from the nearest lampost. If I ever get my way, they will be.
  3. duffdike is right! A prime argument for the HRA, at the time, was that with an increasing number of cases being brought against the UK under the European Convention of Human Rights (* note 1), it would be better to have such cases decided as much as possible in British courts rather than by the European Court of Human Rights (* note 2).

    * note 1 - Nothing to do with the EU.
    * note 2 - Nothing to do with the EU.
  4. And what was wrong with English Law? Who the f*ck are these foreign judges who think they can order us about in our own country?

    The HRA was implemented as part of Labours master plan to destroy us as a nation state. It is a charter for scumbag criminals and scumbag lawyers and I'm not actually sure which one of the two I hate most although the thought of Cherie Blair getting 5 Million of taxpayers money probably swings it.

    Back to the subject of OUR money being paid into the corrupt black hole that is the EU, do these EU loving clowns think that there will not be consequences of their actions one day.
  5. Blame, amongst others, Winston Churchill who saw the ECHR as a bastion against the twin evils of fascism and communism. British lawyers had the major input into the drafting, under the direction of another Conservative politician who later became a hanging Home Secretary. Obviously the "foreign" Court includes British judges.

    There is a debate to be had about ECHR, but this isn't it. One argument is that the ECHR and the HRA could be developed to include more emphasis on civic duties - responsibilities to one another and the community - as opposed to one-sided "rights".
  6. The reason we are about to pay more is because of the third world we inherited from the Former Soviet Union. Thanks Gorby and Boris!
  7. Followed in quick succession by the issuing of every British man with a sturdy British bicycle to get about and black shorts that show the firm, muscular and square British knee.
    Turnips, incidentally, will only be cultivated in Wales if i understand your plan correctly.
  8. My bold. If you are a politician the reasons are many.
  9. Never mind the EHRA, bck to the money.

    "The Treasury said it was right for the UK "to share the burden of membership with new accession countries"."

    I don't give hoot what the Treasury says, how about asking the bloody electorate what they say?
    Tht lying cnut in Downing Street promised a referendum, where the fook is it? I do NOT want to pay. I don't give a flying fook how many new roads Hungary needs or how many outreach programs are required in Poland. Some fooking halfwit in Whitehall decides we should shell out a fortune to foreigners for crap of no consequence to the UK and we STILL aren't allowed a say in the mater.

    Cnuts the fookingbastards the lot of them. I'm off to sharpen my pitchfork
  10. Fuckingcnutingbastard politicians
  11. Europe breathed a collective sigh of relief when Maggie was deposed. When Blair was elected they must have been rubbing their hands together. A known Francophile and Europhile who was ambitious to the point of megalomania.
    Ireland was flooded with European money and soaked it up like a sponge, now that the Euro gravytrain no longer stops at Dublin they have one of the most precarious economies in Europe, is this how it's going to be for the poor Eastern European States that have joined? An enormous gravytrain at our expense followed by back to the same old, same old? How much are the other developed EU member states having to cough up? Are they going to be on a par with us or is, once again, the UK propping up the rest of Europe with only a rotating say on how the EU is governed?
    It is high time that we took stock of the EU and fully gauged what we want out of it and what we're prepared to put into it and yes, we need the promised referendum on the constitution because whether this Government considers the Lisbon Treaty makes up a constitution or a third of the constitutional triangle the Great British Public by and large consider it a constitution and we were promised a referendum.
  12. Actually Wales, Scotland and NI will be renamed "Impact Area" in order that the English taxpayer gets some value for money at last.
  13. I think there might have been something up with the BBC's maths last night:

    cost for 2010/11 - £6.4bn = £260 per household.
    2009/10 - £4.1bn = £56 per household.

    Up 60%!!

    Or did I miss something?
  14. 'Ulele'!

    There, did you see the way he squirmed!