Placcy Bags

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Gents, Greenies, Earth folk, Governments have all decided that the Plastic Shopping bag is a scourge of Modern Earth.
    I understand the UK gov sees them as a future source of much needed income by Taxing their use, not banning them.
    My problem is this
    If No Placcy bags just what do I do for Bin Liners ?
    Waterproof bin liners that is.
    Now I get FREE bin liners from my local Supermarket.
    If world governments Ban this modern day Evil just what will I use ?
    poor john
    Now if I really thinks or receive inspiration from the Board jonwilly could be the next William Gates, Willy the Bag Tsar !
  2. Hello jonwilly,

    I have the same problem.
    Rather than get rid of them,I would prefer it if all disposable packaging was recycleable,biodegradeable and incinerator friendly.
    We could get a good deal of our energy needs from incinerating packaging and junk mail.

  3. You'll just have to buy over-priced, over-packaged and TAXED government-approved bin liners.
  4. Or go to Milton Keynes Council offices and ask for the pink recycling bags, which are free and can be used as - Bin Bags.... which is nice!
  5. Yes Yes Yes troops but what I need to design is a cheap, dirty cheap, waterproof bin liner that is strong enough to carry vast quantities of Supermarket gash.
    Think, troops Think the El Will Millions depend upon your answers.
    Billions maybe even a Brazilliion await me.
  6. The only brazillian in your future is a haircut
  7. You need a cheap waterproof item for placing your rubbish in?

    How about using the bin?

    You could have a small one in your kitchen and then a bigger one outside into which you could pour the contents of the small one when it is full.

    Then you take the small one back into the kitchen and give it a rinse under the tap to make it all clean again.

    There you go, reuseable, waterproof and green as you like.

    Or you could do as we have to, seperate your rubbish into 5 different types each type rinsed off and placed into its respective bin with the prospect of not getting your bin emptied if you have the wrong stuff in the wrong bin plus paying for the size of bin times the frequency of emptying.

    And you are complaining about not having free bin liners?
  8. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
  9. Thanks for that. Very insightful and illuminating post there, carried the discussion forward no end and surely made us all think about our relative position in the general warp and weft of life and the universe.

    Chod :p
  10. Supermarkets could drastically reduce the number plastic bags 'out there' (and still supply free gash bags) by simply making their carriers thicker so that it isn't necessary to double bag to carry anything heavier than a bag of sugar and a loaf or two tins and a bottle.

  11. If they ban Placcy Bags, what will I use to keep my feet dry on exercise?
  12. You're not on a water meter are you, Steven? Water meters charge one price per litre to bring the water into the house, and almost double to take it away down the drain.

    Therefore, a "quick rinse under the tap" will probably cost more than double the price of a bin liner.
  13. Price! PRICE! What has money got to do with saving the planet?? My god you capitalists are all the same. Take take take and never mind that Gia is suffering. You brute!
  14. Of coure you're right. Afterall, what is food and clothing and alcohol when you compare it to the satisfaction gained from saving a carrier bag....

    Poor old Gia....she any relation to Gaia?

    By the way, I like this idea of being called a brute. Must mention that to the old man in bed tonight :D
  15. You should have shaved this morning then :)

    On a slightly more serious note, as much as we are supposed to hate the French did you read about how they faced this "problem"?

    The big supermarket chains put up notices saying "As from date X we will no longer supply placcy bags" (in French of course) and then 4 weeks after they started that was it, no more plastic bags.

    4 weeks from start to finish!