PLAAF tests new "stealth" aircraft

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. It's a milestone for China if it works, but viewed globally it's just another weapon. Now that they have this new plane, what will they spend their money on next? Looked at another way, if you want a gun in the middle of Africa, someone will get one to you. But if you want a drink of clean water, you may have a problem. I think there will be hearty congratulations all round followed by a battle for that research budget.
  3. China makes no bones it wants the USA to keep it's nose out of what China regards as it's area of strategic interest, SE Asia. It's all part of a long term game plan and the Chinese are nothing if not patient.
  4. Those of us in this increasingly irrelevant continent don't need to worry...eff-all we could do about anything the superpowers will do in the future.
  5. ^Exactly this. We need to get it out of our skulls that we are somehow still important. We need to stop looking backwards to the 'glory days' that have long since passed and take a step back from things. That's the problem with this country (And in particular its foreign policy)- always looking back and never looking forward

    Get out of NATO and stop launching shitty wars on the other side of the world. Enter wars only when absolutely neccesary and until that time sit back and get rich off other peoples wars. Maybe one day a time might come along when we can be truly relevant again, but thats not going to be an event of our own doing- just an event started by others that we can capitalise on.

    In the meantime we should be doing our best to make ourselves as energy self-sufficient as possible and on sorting this country out.
  6. The earlier Beeb story has the yanks pooh-poohing it. They make a valid point about the difference between having the kit, having a workable doctrine to use it and being able to implement that doctrine in practice.

    On the other hand, I remember them saying similar things about submarine use and ASAT capabilities. The PRC has in the past shown itself capable of implementing change far faster than a lot of people thought possible.
  7. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Gets my vote.
  8. .

    If its not just an empty shell, then it looks like a useful piece of kit. But fear not, if they start sabre-rattling, we'll just send our carrier force out there. Oh ... wait a minute ...

  9. As an a mere avation enthusiast those 2 fin type things on back really do not look secure and able to deal with the extreme g that a fighter could pull nor do they look particullarly stable. Or can some SME englighten me as to how they work??
  10. The ditched YF23 had the same arrangement.

  11. Place the axis of rotation along or slightly ahead of the line of the centre of pressure of the fin, manufacture so the centre of gravity of the airfoil is also pretty much aligned with the axis of rotation and Bob's your uncle. An all moving fin is no different to an all moving tailplane stuck in its end :)

  12. An all-flying tailplane is a pre-requisite for transsonic and supersonic flight, to prevent mach-tuck and a screaming death dive. I think all supersonic aircraft feature something like this, including the Typhoon's all-moving foreplanes.

    Can they be too flimsy on occasions? Well, one hopes the design team get the calculations right, but the F-117 did lose a tail fin on a training mission in 1985. They had to beef up the structure a bit.
    F-117A: Senior Trend

    Even modelers are prey to the same errors.


  13. Alternatively we could just ignore it as it doesn't really concern us. Maybe when/if they start sabre rattling with a bluewater naval fleet near our territories then it might concern us.
  14. Meh, just send a fleet of 'cheap' FAC's to shoot it down.
  15. You get my vote for Prime Minister !! We need to be thinking 100 years ahead at least. Nuclear and alternative power sources. No wars on foreign soil. No more immigration - let's try integrating those we're already lumbered with and where we have skills shortages, re-train UK residents. I could go on .......

    Of course, by then we could all be having the choice of whether we ally ourselves to the Sharia Law lot or Peking.