PLA Troops on Hong Kong Ships in Pirate Waters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Feb 1, 2010.

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  2. So that's were we get our training from. :omg:
  3. I bet the Chinks won't bother ringing Beijing for confirmation of their ROEs - or concern themselves too much with the Yuman Rights of the miscreants. Good on 'em.
  4. Quite.
  5. pla's henno to bejing shot are load of pirates yesterday
    bejing any prisoners ?
    nah boss made sure none of them got away
    bejing cushty pick more ammo at the replen :twisted:

    having no respect for human rights comes in useful sometimes
  6. My tuppence worth: Beijing will have given them explicit ROEs before they set out, based on their experience of the last year. They'll stick to them to the letter.

    They'll be scrupulously correct in their treatment of any prisoners and won't be going out of their way to be overly heavy-handed.

    This mission is as much about reassuring China's neighbours that the 'peaceful rise' is still on track. Brassing up choggies left, right and centre will just put the wind up ASEAN for no good reason.

    Much as we all love a righteous bloodbath, I wouldn't go looking to PLAN to supply it. They've bigger fish to fry.
  7. I am very surprised they are protecting Taiwan's ships, I thought they didn't even recognise each other?
  8. Taiwan's the PRC's 3rd largest trading partner and PRC is Taiwan's biggest. Apart from the money, there's also a strong desire in Beijing to up-fluffy their image in the eyes of the ordinary Taiwanren.

    It wouldn't have happened in Chen's day, but now that he's safely behind bars Ma can get on with not prodding the dragon with a pointed stick for the sheer hell of it.
  9. True. There are also a lot of joint Taiwanese/PLA businesses in the PRC. (Analysts estimate the PLA makes $3 billion to $5 billion - it publicly admits to $1 billion - annually in profits).
  10. Why are the PRC getting arrsey over President O'Drama's attempts to upgrade Taiwan's naval ships and missile systems then?
  11. Oh! It,s Chinese troops is it, giggle!, for a minute there I thought, PLA, Port of London Authority, Special Forces!??.
  12. Because they're ideologically committed to the idea of 'One China' and hacked off at a foreign power interfering in what they see as an internal matter.

    Imagine a UK analogy: after losing a civil war, Gordon Brown empties the museums of London of all the choicest pieces of British heritage, legs it to Stornoway where he sets up a nation he calls the United Kingdom and proclaims to all and sundry that he's still the rightful PM of the whole of the British Isles and NI. The yanks decide they like him better than the new folk in charge and help him to turn Lewis into an island fortress, even while keeping diplomatic relations with the new London government.

    Beijing had begun to have some impact in lobbying for the removal of the Taiwan Relations Act - a particular piece of legal sophistry by which Washington could have its cake and eat it - as witnessed by a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs calling for a review of support for Taiwan. They'd like to see a result like this in more general terms.

    What would be really interesting would be their response if Taiwan offered some vessels from their (more than capable) navy to help anti-piracy ops. :twisted:
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    My interpretation of the offer to put PLA onboard Taiwan ships is that in Red Chinese eyes these are really Red Chinese ships.

    As to the fate of arrested pirates, I wouldn't hang around waitng for their memoirs. It's not that the Chinese have a different take on Yooman Rights, it's that as a nation, Red or otherwise, they have never had any take on this at all. Chinese history, religion and culture contain nothing about treating another person part way decently.
  14. Just make sure no nosy journo's around!! :twisted:
  15. Don't give up the day job, will you?