PLA makes it's own video game: "Mission of Honor"

China's PLA develops own military game

Stumbled across this article a few days ago. Looks like the Chinese and the PLA are trying the whole "officially licensed military video game" thing, too. Not much for subtlety with the title, but it doesn't look half bad.

Personally, I wonder how hard it would be to get a hold of, considering China's internet partitioning/censorship; this sort of thing always intrigues me, from a cultural perspective if nothing else. And always interesting to see what the foreign mind can come up with in terms of entertainment, propaganda, or both.

Curious to see if I'm alone in on this one!

EDIT: Hmm... looks like there's a youtube video. YouTube - ‪Mission Of Honor - PLA military shooter‬‏
Not very realistic, is it?
Not one shot of a take away ejecting crazed chinks with knives & cleavers, going mental on a couple of pissed up chavs.

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