Pkey squaddies!

And lets ignore the hundreds of civvie contractors who can now be found on most camps, because metal posts would never be of any use to them or a cctv system
Rifles or Kingo's?
Got to be chunks, they love pickets


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Been happening for years.

When the demolished some buildings at Sleaford Tech years ago the lead was removed by the night shift guard force.
They even used the guard Landrover to shift it as it weighed a bit.

Don't even ask about the thousands of chep pallets that never made it back to Stafford.

Suprise suprise squaddies steal stuff and squaddies get skint.
It's got nothing to do wih cash strapped hero's and nasty tory cut backs.
Tommy Atkins +has been moving stuiff on since N.V.G's were something only read about in a H.G.Wells novel
It's having easy access to lots of stuff and in most cases the maens to move it
The forces could make a fortune if it actuall controlled it's scrap a bit better
Ever wonder wy the man who does hold he keys to the scrap compound has a bter car than everyone else?
Not saying it's right, but it's human nature. If the procedures in place (or not in place) allow it to happen, then it will.
Back in the early 80's, a short wheel base landy "disapeared" from a cavalry regiment stationed in Tidworth. Duty driver left it in the hanger with the work ticket and keys, then went off on leave. Vehicle was stripped and flogged on piece by piece including the full Clansman set up.
Never had a S26 filled with scrap and driven to the local dealers exchange for troop beer tokens. Never, ever happened
Good to see the Wedges come in for criticism.
In my day we did it legally. We used to collect all waste scrap in our hanger and then load it into a Barford dumptruck and take it to the local scrappies.
I'm not saying that the odd 45 gallon drum or 3 full of water used to get loaded on too, but hey we were never caught.

On my driver training we might have gone around collecting pallets and selling them on, and this was when re-cycling was is its infancy too. We were pretty forward thinking.
There was a thriving market for scrap in Germany in the 80s. My regiment got through thousands of tons of Chieftain track and road wheels, much of which was sold on the local market by a closely protected mafia of hard blokes, generally with local pikey wives.
I recall while attached to the RN on the South Coast the remains of a surplus building site contents being lifted, however with the permission of the site manager due to removal costs.

Although, due to a RN celebration which they had temporary wooden construction made & it was a free for all to remove all the wood once it was dismantled, total cost £26k.

As yet, not experienced any significant thefts from an Army site.


When we got a load of new gym equipment in we took the old weights down to the scrappy for a weigh in. Cheers easy.

Surprisingly CHAARV tracks don't require backloading (unlike their CR2 counterpart). The link got split into 7 links and taken down to the weigh-in.

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