PKC - having to pay for your own training as a copper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trackpen, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. "Rant On'
    We have lived in Europe (Italy and Switzerland) for the last 18 years (for job purposes). In all that time we have attempted to keep up with what was hapening in the UK. However, when Trackpen junior phoned me just now, I nearlt blew a gasket.

    He was 5 when we moved to Italy and spent the next 12 years with us, his family (Mother and Father both 100% British). When we moved to Switzerland - again, work related - we sent him back to the UK to school, at the age of 17, just for the two years of 6th Form. Despite the obvious disadvantage he had having never, to that point had a school lesson conducted in English, he put his head down and achieved 38 points in the IB.
    This gained him a place at Exeter University to read International Relations and Italian, from where he graduated last year with a 2:1. He was also in the OTC for the entire time he was at University.

    OK, so we know the job market for graduates is extremely difficult at the moment, and he has been lucky a) to be able to live with my parents and b) to find himself a basic wage job at an accountants.

    What really gripes him and me, is that he would like to join the armed forces but has been told he is not eligible for the job he would like to do because he has not lived in the UK continuously for 10 years.

    So he then applied to the Met. Only those with a 2:1 or better need apply. Out of the 4,000 original applicants he, at least made it through to the final round of interviews where the emphasis was, undoubtedly. on Management anbd, specifically, on Change Management. Nothing, of course, to do with actually being a copper.

    He has just received the e-mail telling him " while you had not achieved the required standard for the MPS Graduate Development Programme you had achieved the required standard for MPS regular police constable recruitment. The purpose of this email is to inform you of an opportunity of regular police constable recruitment in the MPS."

    The e-mail goes on to say that in order to even apply to go into the Job, he has to have the CPK, or Policing Knowledge Certificate. In essence, this is nothing more than basic training, for which the candidate has to pay between GBP 800 and GBP 1,000, out of their own pocket.

    One site I have found states this is equivalent to an 'A' Level. Excuse me, but I was always under the impression that a high score at IB and a good degree, and in my son's case an external French Government qualification in French (with distinction), seems to trump an additional 'A' level.

    Are they really saying that anybody who wants to be a copper has to pay up to GBP 1,000 for their own basic training before they can even apply for a post? Where, pray, are they going to find this money?

    Frankly I find this unbelievable.

    So the upshot is HM Forces don't want him because he had the misfortune to be a youngster when his father had to move to mainland Europe for work purposes; despite being absolutely fluent in three European languages the Civil Service (FCO) doesn't want him because he doesn't speak Management fluently enough to pass the on-line initial applications; and any Police force - sorry, Service - in the UK won't even consider taking him until he has paid, himself, for his own basic training.

    'Rant over' Comments welcome.
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  2. Welcome to Broken britain. i believe all applicants to the police now have to have the super duper I-paid-for-my-own-training -Certificate.
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  3. It`s just unfortunate that you are not a tinted sort. A bit of a draw back in modern mult-cult Britain.
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  4. His "lad" as you call him, is older than you and done more with his life so far , so why dont you wind you neck in, you jumped up little **** and maybe try joining the Army first before spouting off like you are some old sweat on every ******* thread..Tit
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  5. Why don't you send a strongly worded letter to your MP, as is the right of any British tax payer.

    Oh, wait there...........
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  6. There's an opening here Dingerr, maybe you can corner the market in a similar money making exercise......sorry, course for Ammo Techs?
  7. I could probably con, errrrr market strategise people into something like that, but I've never been in life solely for the money, if that were the case you'd never get people to walk up to bombs for 40k a year.
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  8. Not a problem Mate and I totally respect you for that. I'll be your business partner (I'm a very good Instructor) and anything we make over 40K I'll (ahem) take off your hands!
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  9. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

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  10. Or rather than ranting about how all the organisations dont want him, why not sit down and work out what they do want and ensure he demonstrates it?
    Getting a job is fundamentally a case of showing how your experience can match their required competences. In the case of the fco, speaking three languages is nice but as it would be 3-5 uears till his first overseas posting not essential. They are looking for someone with a wider range of skills that shows potential for future use. Dont forget a lot of what diplomats do is management, budgets, running establishments, commercial negotiations etc. languages are nice but they are not central to what is a much broader role.
    Sorry to sound harsh but a lot of people assume speaking a language means you are an automatic choice to eventually run a national site with dozens of staff and a multi million pound budget...

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  11. Has he not applied to the Gendarmerie? After all, he has a French qualification in French but not an English qualification in English.
  12. Shite - pure shite.

    An excess of melanin is not going to get you automatically vetted for the FCO or any other sensitive job. The lad can't get vetted for a very simple reason - in a world of more than equally qualified candidates it's not worth the money to chase referees round Europe.

    Reality - it's a bastard ...
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  13. And even then, you'll only get a place if you can find a Constabulary who are recruiting and who'll accept you as a Special first. He should hang on for a while until the direct entry Inspectors vacancies appear.
  14. We've been doing that for months, but when there is no feed-back as to why you haven't made it, it is very difficult to work out what they do want. In terms of the FCO, we have all chatted to friends, contacts etc, HEs downwards, who work there. They have all been as helpful as they can be but, generally, in the end the answer is 'we haven't a clue how these outside agencies work and what they are after.'

    We are more than aware of this: the whole family are linguists and fully understand that, when all said and done, languages can be taught. In terms of experience, one factor all those we have spoken to have mentioned is that a key experience is having lived, been schooled and worked, in a foreign country, one knows that there are other cultures, that there are other ways of doing things, and an understanding that not everybody in the world thinks in the same way.
    Two other experiences the young man has had: working for a summer in an Albanian orphanage; and being one of an official observer party to the Tunisian elections. So he has not just sat idly by.

    I agree that there is a great deal of admin to be dealt with, but much of that comes with experience and where will that experience come from if you can not get past a compputerised CV reader.

    Why the rant? Well, those who know me know that I am normally averse to rants. This business of paying for your own training, though, made me explode. It is not just for our own offspring, but for all those who may wish to serve as a PC, graduate or not.

    Where are they going to find the money to pay for a course which is a pre-requisite for application - with no guarantee of there even being places available for them to fill once they have applied?

    How are they going to live while they are doing the course? The local Job Centre has advised my son that attendance on courses, and even interviews, means he is unavailable for work and he would, therefore, lose entitlement to an allowance. As I said, he has found a temporary post as a photocopier on basic wage, but that is only for another couple of months. Wisely, he is thinking, now, of the future. While his current employers are very good, it is unreasonable to ask them for days off at a time, to attend courses such as this PKC qualification.