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PJNCOs Cadre (T.A)

Has anyone recently attended this weekend course, have got one coming
up soon and was wondering what they, teach or like to concentrate on.

Have asked in house but you get all the old, your have to wait and see.

Is there a set syllabus for this cadre?
Practice your mil skills, revise how to cam up and the things that give you away, (shine, movement etc), nav, fire and manoever, all your green skills really as well as pt and expect a CFT in there somewhere. Also expect a command task. I did mine with 36regt and thats what they concentrated on
It's pretty easy mate. Don't even need to be that fit, just carrying a Bergen. We had no barrack room bullshit. Just keep your self clean and tidy etc .Though It will depend on your staff. Ours were sound, but I had heard horror stories from other courses.
-=TheGeneral=- said:
I thought 1 tape was a 2 week course? Or am I getting confused again?
Depends on what unit your in you can get a L/Cpl without doing the course but need it (MPC) for the 2nd and it is a 2 week Cse.

Done mines last year normally cover marching a squad/weapons handling lessons/Map work/orders/Mil law/etc

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