Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shakey08, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Going on this course in November, consisting of two weekends, does anyone have any information on course content and what to expect etc...

    Had a search about but could only seem to find things on the infantry 2 week course at ITC Catterick. Being in the RS I gather it’s not as strenuous...?

  2. Im guessing it will be something the same as one i did at Grantham. Its basically an intro to the orders process, delivering a set of fire control orders, dutys of a sentry, testing your nav, an introduction to military law and command tasks. It really is very basic and they say its a pass or fail course but really its attendance. I thought it was quite good fun actually, not as boring as i thought it would be and certainly not as ball busting as the CLM/JMQC.
  3. We run one of there's at camp. It is as described above. Not a hard course at all.
  4. Shakey08, what regiment are you in ? Im guessing Royal Signals, is that correct ?
  5. Polar look at the bold.
  6. Yes but I was going for the actual Regiment, however in these austere times I guessing 32.

    In which case it will be a toughie.
  7. Cheers for the info guys, sounds straight forward enough. Is there a field exercise on one of the weekends? much PT?

    Polar69 - if your saying 32, then you would be......... correct. Good guess :p
  8. Well guys i've just completed a two week JCLM (TA) at longmoor barracks, first week was mostly classroomm based, followed by 4.5 days FOB based out in the field. Long days, loads of work, no time to yourself(not even for phys). Apparently if you joined after April 09 and you want promotion you have to do this JCLM course. I am REME and whatever trade you are at this course run by REME didnt seem to matter, get some revision in before you go esp on infantry skills!!

    It is NOT a drinking course!! loads of info in the first week, including enhanced V&S, EOD's, Mill law, Leading a section, Fire control orders etc.
    The second week was out in the field, lots of staggin on and sleep deprevation, livin off compo and have to 'patrol' lots. I done my knee in and went biff (not proud of it) for 3 days, even more staggin on for me.

    dont go on this course thinking its a doss, its good fun but it aint all easy. Go with the right attitude and you'll be fine.
  9. Cheers for the info Swinny.

    Is this JCLM for LCpl?

    Our SPSI has confimed its only 4 days split over two weekends..... so dont think thats the same one I am attending.
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Junior CLM is a requirement for promotion to full Cpl in the Corps. Infantryman have to pass the Section Commanders' Battle Course (aka Junior Brecon) or Support Weapon equivalent.

    The course you are attempting is PJNCO, the requirement for LCPL. The Corps PJNCO seems to vary from a weekend to a week depending on the unit and someone from your own unit who has attended it recently should be the best person for advice on it. The Infantry PJNCO is two weeks at Catterick throughout the year (which was probably the Arrsepedia account that you read) or in-house by your own Battalion (usually run on Annual Camp).

    Good luck with your cadre and let us know how you got on!
  11. I was told you have to do this course for promotion for l/cpl, full screw....the SMC takes you up to stripey.

    not sure about infantry capbadges, although to be fair my course involved health and safety in the workshops during the classroom phase. If your infantry the fieldcraft section wont hassle you at all, your skills and drills should be up to speed, our problems were the complete lack of infantry(in the most part) meant we had to learn the basics all over again. This JCLM was course number 001, the first course of this 'type' so decipher that the best way you see fit and good luck!
  12. Cheers for your replies guys.

    Seems I am no longer attending this course :(

    The powers that be have decided that I am now a TAPO. So I best start asking the pertinent questions on that topic!

    Thanks again.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    What was that old phrase about volunteers and pressed men? I assume that you want to be a TAPO?
  14. It's one of my career goals, I just didn't think I would get the opportunity this quick.

    Not going to rush it tho, preparation is the key :)
  15. 'scuse the silly question gents, whats a TAPO?