pjnco course?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by english_fit, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know how long course lasts for infantry regulars, when they run and whats involved?
  2. Cant you ask your battalion?
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  3. Just something looking at at the mo but wondering the course length etc before going back to bn
  4. Ask at your Bn mate, there are the laid down bits (as by the Army), the laid down bits (as by the Inf (in your case) and the laid down bits (as by your Regt/Bn).

    Also if you are going to progress to SCBC or to QMMT.
  5. Just wanting to know the very basics at the min. Have heard it could be a 6 week course?
  6. They run for 7-8 weeks at my battalion, lots of lesson plans / taking lessons & parades in no.2s/ various forms of barrack dress (treat). Towards the end of the cadre there's a 10 day exercise which obviously involves a lot of digging in, tabbing with weight & section attacks, all the usual meat & potatoes stuff of our trade mate :)
  7. Ours is a 6 week external course, however with pre-course and continuation training it's closer to 9 weeks.

    You need to speak to your unit instead of asking on the internet.
Thread Status:
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