Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. There's so decent advice up on the CIC thread, has anyone got any decent info on what to expect on a PJNCO cadre?

    T C
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    It's all here: 303SMLE's blow by blow account of TA Infantry PJNCO cadre

    Be advised Infantry PJNCO is by no means an attendance course. You WILL have to demonstrate leadership and command potential. You WILL be pushed mentally and physically. I can't emphasise that last enough, start training! Many guys who are decent Rfn, just don't make the grade at PJNCO as they just lack the 'stuff' to lead a fire team.
  4. Did mine in 2006. Was shocked at the level (lack of) of fitness and awareness of the blokes that some units sent there.
    Some of the blokes who turned up had got a tour under their belt in somwhere like Shaibiza stagging on and forgotten most of their key infantry skills. These guys were not chuntering but honestly surprised that the staff were being mean. Only 4 of us passed.
    Remember they will test you mentally and physically. Your admin has to be squared away big time.

    Just remember it only lasts 2 weeks so HTFU and get on with it.
  5. I beleive they have stopped running PJNCO cadres up at Catterick now. I may be wrong however. Can someone put me right?

    My unit certainly run in-house courses these days, and they are pump and don't produce people with the skills, experiance and training that they would get up at ITC. Its hard to run through a platoon attack range with only one section, they get very tired doing, assault-suppres-reserve all at once.
  6. RP578

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    ITC (Catterick) still runs TA PJNCO cadres. there is one this October and in November.

  7. TBGB - who ran your course? was it the Woofers?
  8. Think he might be I sent 3 guys on one early in 2006 all failed and all were good fit guys with Op experience
  9. yeah thats the one - 45 of us started 9 of us passed! not sure if they were keen on us being TA - different from junior Brecon 60 people started 60 people passed! great course though
  10. on mine is was admin in the field and fitness - though 15 quit at the end of week one because they didnt like the cold and wet! Quite funy to watch - all of us were sitting in cramped corrirdor cleaning rifles after one night in the field. Platoon Sergeant comes out of instructors admin room and asks who wants to jack in the course (think jokingly) and to his surprise 15 lads stood up!
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    You've just got to get to that place in your head where you are mentally resigned to two weeks of being cold, wet, tired and continually beasted. Once you accept that this is your lot for two weeks things become easier to deal with.

    It is just two weeks! Keep reminding yourself of that. If you're smart and PFT/CFT fit, you should have a good chance of passing this.

    And then when you finally get your stripe ... you can look forward to Junior Brecon! :D
  12. Well cover me in eggs and flour, and bake me for 40 minutes! I guess its just my lot being a bunch of idiots then. Good to know the next lot of NCO's we get will be crap. With any luck they'll see sense and send them up there instead.

    Thanks for that.
  13. I went on the Cadre at ITC in December last year. Unfortunately I injured my ankle on the Assault course so was rtu'd. The course itself isnt all that difficult, you just need to ensure you are clued up on all the basic low level infantry tactics and systems. Know the orders process and also have a good working of Pl level operations.
    Some of the blokes that tipped up didnt even know the section battle drills etc!!!!!!

    The first week is mainly in camp with a one night exercise so the DS can see your admin and also the CFT. The CFT we did was at a fair old pace though, the pti telling us how we were Potential JNCO's and as such should lead from the front, so be prepared for the last 2 miles to be a bit cheeky. You will also be expected to take charge of a section/fireteam and be assessed on your abilities (command appointments were given for BE/BL's either side of the one night ex. We were supposed to do the steeplechase but for some reason we ended up on the assault course and thats where I did my ankle. The second week is mainly in the field and again the command appointments will be flying around. After the exercise though be prepared to do the CFT again, my cadre were told it was on the programme for retests of those that failed the first one - everyone ended up doing it again.

    Overall the DS are pretty chilled out if you use the good old cadre adage of "play the game".

    Obviously every course is different but hopefully you can take something from this.
  14. first time I went queue at end of first week to quit was so long thought I'd go back later :D . Convinced myself worst was over I was wrong :D .

    October one is binned now its frst two weeks of december .Tears of joy
    ran down my face when I found out 8O .Well when endex sounds it will
    be like xmas coming early .Bollocks just realised will have to take issuse sleepng bag on the off chance of using it .
  15. Gents

    One of the strengths of the British Army is the leadership and skills shown at JNCO level. The process of turning a good Rifleman into a recognised leader starts at PJNCO and is continued at Junior Brecon.

    Our NCOs are recognised as being amongst the best in the world and to get to be seen as such you need to give 100%.

    Its hard fo a reason.