PJFT and PRMC questions

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Kiddeh, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. right i've done about a billion searches on the net for the answers to these questions but they just don't see to be answered.... excuse me if u think there silly questions but i don't live in england and haven't done any of your AFT's.... Just the Irish Army's one anyway here goes...

    Right goin to the UK in the new year to apply for the booties and have been gettin my fitness up over the last 3 weeks although snow has put a dampner on my training so im sorta stuck at home for the time being and i suppose i'm askin these questions now cause i had a chance to think about stuff right now im doin 1.5 miles on a flat road in (Best Time) 8:36 after a half an hour warm up; can get through about 60-65 press ups in 2 mins and lookin in round the 70-80 mark on me press ups how'n'ever these are all usin the irish armys way of carryin out such tests.... so questions....

    1) whats the story with the run im aware that its on a treadmill incline of 2 degrees and that u do a 12:30 second 1.5 mile before a minute rest and a 1.5 mile best time in under 10:30.... Question here is how do they set the treadmill up like do u just put in a speed u can run at or do ya tell them what time u think u can hack it in or can ya tweek with the speed as ya go?

    2) right with the press ups i get about 30 out straight away in 30 seconds say but then i adopt the rest position that the irish army uses i.e. arse in the air making a sorta upside down V with your body for a 10 second breather then get back into press ups and repeat until fatigue or time up.... Questions just wonderin if the british army has a similar rest position like arse in the air... or knees to mat etc?

    3) similar to question 2 cept this time bout the sit ups... we do half sits over here for the test but i find the full sit up easier to do anyway eh ye rest position??? head to mat or none?

    Any help on these will be much appreciated :santa: and sorry if u lads arent familiar with the RN way of testin but i don't really like the Rumration webby.... Arsse is much prettier :worship:

    and one more thing... anyone know how important the pull ups are? i can only pull out max of 8 or 9 max proper ones (like no swinging and full extensions) and i haven't been able to get past that point (probably cause im a fat bastad on the inside) how many would they be looking for u to do?
  2. They will set the first treadmill speed to get under 12:30 rest 30 seconds then you adjust the treadmill to what ever speed you like as long as it is below 10:30.

    Two you don't rest...if you do 30 pressups and change your form they will only count 30 pressups the same with situps.
    You do as many pressups and situps without resting as you can for the marines...
  3. Not a staff or PTI myself but I can probably answer a few Qs.

    That depends on the gym, for my PJFT I adjusted the speed myself. I kept mine at 14kph for most of the 2nd run and sped up the last 2 minutes.

    Note sure for the British Army but as far as I know you have to keep your back straight when you rest. You'll also need to make sure your elbows are tucked in close to your body (so that you're mainly using your triceps), locking your arms fully on the up. I'd say just try and bang out as many as you can, the max score is 60 in 2 min.

    Full situps, head and elbow touching the mat at the start, fully up elbows touching knees on the up, keeping your knees together at all times. Max score is 80 in 2 min.

    All the exercises are best effort/ maximum number you can manage (proper form that is).
    I've seen a bloke who hump the floor achieve a pass in PRMC, as well as heard about those who got got 5 knocked off their scores for every poor form.

    There's no time limit for the pullups (palms facing away from you) and if you're lucky the PTIs will stop at 6 :).

    Hope this has helped.
  4. thanks M4_fan thats the kinda answer i wanted... had a bang out of the sit ups and press ups before i went out tonight to see how many i could get through without a break... 42 press ups then me arms started burnin and 48 sit ups till my abs were dyin sp i just need to get myself set up so i dont get an oxygen depth and i should be able to get somewhere near those scores.... and i'll have no problem with the run so if its set ur own pace :)

    Wasnt aware there was a maximum score... thats good to know at least now i have a target instead just sayin do as many as ya can... but just to be safe can anyone confirm that?

    oh an just an additional question although from videos i think i know the answer... durin the sit ups ur aided by a bar or a person at ur feet correct? cause theres a massive diff between tryin to keep ur feet down and someone puttin a slight bit of pressure on so u dont have to worry bout them

    7 weeks an counting i just hope after all this work they dont think im a mentaller and say no!
  5. Feet will be held by your partner during the sit ups.

    The 1st run on the prmc (actual selection) is done in a squad, incase you didn't know.

    Treat the maximum scores as the minimum to aim for - like I said if you are lucky the ptis will tell you to stop when you have reached those numbers but if you get a nasty one you'll be doing more.

    I only knew about the max scores myself because a mate maxed out on gymtest 1 (except the bleep test) when he had his prmc recently (beginning of December)!
  6. need any help mate i've done this shit before....good luck :)
  7. can any1 give me a heads up about wot happens on prmc.
  8. If you mention the parachute regiment you get your arse kicked... or at least it worked the other way around a few years ago when the sproggy army cadet that was myself responded to a paratrooper's question of 'any of you lads thinking of joining up?' with 'yes sir, I want to join the marines!'... never knew there were so many variations on the humble press-up!

    Try here
  9. militaryforums.co.uk is shit hot on RM recruiting, TONNES of advice over there. Worth a browse.
  10. cheers fellas and no i wouldnt mention it i understand the rivalry i have friends in both.