Pixelheads -- tinfoil helmets for the 21st Century?

A German artist has created a pixellated balaclava, perfect for confusing street cameras in a nation where mistrust of public surveillance is widespread even as the appetite for Facebook is unabated.
Pixelhead - the ultimate in anonymous? - The Local

Pixelhead – disturbing to wear when looking in a mirror – is designed to raise questions about anonymity and when and how we give that up, whether voluntarily on social networks, or involuntarily via street cameras.

Backes, a digital media artist among many other things, says he has created “media camouflage for the internet age" and a solution for people “sick of photos on sites like Facebook or worried about showing up on Streetview.”
Even if it is a shouted kind of anonymity, the balaclava does hide the wearer, whether it is worn during a political protest, while dashing to meet an illicit lover or holding up a bank.
Seems to have the Arrse deviant market pretty well sewn up* but he's only made 333 of them. Something for Harry Wales' Christmas stocking, perhaps.

*See what I did there?
Germans are not allowed to wear face coverings while taking part in political protests.

Not sure what the rules are while holding up a bank though.
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