Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hong_kong_fuey, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Save the cost of the syringe, just throw the cnut back off the cliff.
  2. Should be able to get a good deal on the bike.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Should have left him to drown! Cheaper in the long run!
  4. PRATT 'nuff said
  5. Stupid twat should of done a shoulder roll, it's not that fucking high.
  6. Anyone up for operation Lemming? Will need a 4 man team to breach his bed curtain, wheel him out the hospital, transport him to the cliff, rob him of his Elizabeth Duke chain (should cover the petrol and a few pints) and Robert's your mother's brother.
  7. Safe enough to say he'll not be doing that again.
  8. pity what he didnt drown though his bird must be after some a bit livlier now
  9. He will when we get to him
  10. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I'll volunteer for operation lemming. And to cut down on the admin, Bob is me dad. That comes across better in person...

    As he is still in hospital in Devon finding a cliff shouldn't be too hard.
  11. Fantastic - just looking at that cnut's picture and listening to him whine makes me want to throw him back off again.

    I can't stop laughing at his brilliant stupidity.
  12. I volunteer for Op Lemming, can we through his chavette bird off aswell.
  13. She'll be descending at 120ft/sec, after we've done and finished the bukakke ritual.
  14. She'll go down quick i bet