Pity they didnt shoot the moronic owner at the same time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. No such thing as "bad" dogs, it's all down to the owners of said dogs.
  2. I can see the by-lines now:

    "Lovely family pet"
    "Always around kids"
    "Never hurt anyone before"
    "Sensible owners"

    Yadda Yadda

  3. I quite agree with your statement, however i understand they are struggling with the breed of the dog, ffs whatever breed it is, will probably join the long list of breeds that will be villianised across the land and the owners forgotten about!
  4. Well... up to a point... it's rare you hear about someone getting mauled by a bichon frise.

    However, your average irresponsible idiot owner only picks from a handful of breeds, invariably lumps of meat in his own image.
  5. Teenage gangsters will keep these ridiculous dogs! Yet another victim of what happens when the irresponsible are allowed to use their own (ill informed) judgement on whether their dog is safe. These incidents really are a shame.

    A good friend of mine owns a dog. It lives in the garden and if it goes anywhere near the child its watched like a hawk and always will be. The two are never in the same room together unless he is. His dog: Not a Pit bull, staffy or fighting dog. A 2 foot tall (If that) Heinz 57. It is well trained and knows its place in the family.

    This is responsible dog owning and responsible parenting.

    Hats off to whoever took the decision to bump the dog off without faffing around waiting for The Duty Dog Warden to attend.
  6. i bet it wasn't a chiwawa, when will these people learn, and something is a miss "just after midnight". The owners need putting down on the front lawn.
  7. I don't quite get this last sentence in the report. I thought there was no licence-fee for dogs any more in the UK, so how can a dog be "illegally-held"? Or is that just pertinent to certain breeds?
  8. Certain breeds or particular dogs which have already been involved in incidents which required them to be declared as dangerous.
  9. I thought we had a Dangerous Dogs Act in this country to try and get these killers put down (dogs and owners in my view) or am I wrong!??.

  10. Linky
  11. Indeed, I do agree with your statement. You control the dog, you don't let the dog control you, alpha male and all that. Just as a sideline, I knew a CO who told one of his young officers that if he didn't control his dog in barracks, then said CO, young officer and dog would go walking on Ash Ranges, and only 2 out of 3 were returning. :D
  12. Dusty in here?
  13. Understand what you're saying but I've heard all dogs suffer from a type of " jealousy " . When they see a child being shown affection they see it as a threat and act accordingly - you can't train instinct out of a dog and the bottom line is young children and dogs can be a recipe for disaster as seen here
  14. Bull sh!t, you may not be able to train instinct out of it but the instant they show any form of threat to a child or anyone for that matter, including other dogs/pets you beat the living sh!t out of it and I can assure you it will soon fcuking know it's place in the food chain.