Pity darwinism wasnt allowed to take its course

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Up and down Snowden quite a few times training for a three peaks event a few years ago. I was constantly surprised at the the dangerously blase attitude that many we met had.
    Saw plenty going up in trainers and tracksuits in late Feb with snow still covering everything more than halfway up. They expressed surprise that the paths hadn't been properly cleared. :roll:
    Helped bring some mongs from Wednesfield down once because they assumed that the top would be above the clouds and 'hot'. :lol:

    Admittedly, after a few trips I stopped carrying a lot of the kit that I started with. Wouldn't try it in this weather though!
  2. Send them the bill for the rescue.
  3. tbf
    lots of people assume British mountains are just "big green hills"
    as said on a outdoor instructors course.
    que 4 hours pratting about in a whiteout :D trainee changed mind :D
    we did'nt get to go up snowdon as we would have needed crampons to do it properly.

    did'nt stop some twat breaking his leg dressed in trainers spending time in a snow hole with some loon who was up there properly prepared as the RAF and mountain rescue could'nt get to them :x
  4. Most unfair to criticise them. Somebody has to be Ötzi the Iceman.
  5. Leave 'em be! Think off the entertainment value they provide,at the least it takes your mind of your own problems and provides a laugh.
  6. can't see what the problem is, there is a train station and they must have taxi or buses out side if you miss the train.
  7. For all i care they can use Snowdon as a theme park, I live in Snowdonia and enjoy the peacefullness of the unknown(to tourists) mountains and quarries.

    Never see numpties in trainers there.