Pith Helmet

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by blonde_guy, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. This Pith helmet is a family heirloom of mine; any ideas what it is?

    I mean I am not sure when it dates from, whether or not its British etc...

    It comes complete with its own metal box engraved as being from "J.Jones & Co. Ltd., Tailors & Army Clothiers, 33 St. James Street, London"

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  2. Weird.

    I was flicking through a book on "The Royal Air Force", published during WW2 (no date) yesterday . There is a picture captioned a 'tropical pith hat and pith helmet with RAF colours'.

    Your helmet is identical to that in the black & white picture, but the coloured band is different. There must have been a standard pattern for Army & RAF. Probably an officer's, privately bought, pre-war.
  3. Mate those are Royal Marine colours on the Helmet. So this helmet is a Royal Marine issue piece of kit. Post your thread on the 'rum ration' site and you WILL get your answer, im sure.
  4. I've got my Granddads RAF WW2 era Pith Helmet - it's identical to the pictured one, with just the "TRF" patch different - he was a Flt Sgt, so guessing it was standard issue for the tropical climate
  5. What is the lining in it like? This one appears to be red silk or some such!
  6. Ith thomething that you can uthe if you get caught thhort.


  7. Whath Twath?
  8. Just a throw away bit but when I started in '52 there were still blokes about who had done India. They were surprised that there was no requirement for pith helmets in Tel el Kebir. Not just the helmet was required. There were things called spine pads which stopped the sun from boiling your essential juices in the backbone. They were quite annoyed at buff order.
  9. Smart bit of kit for tropical climes...
  10. If you thay tho.

    I couldn't thay mythelf, coming from a thub-tropical environment ath I do.

    I work outthide every day tho and I need a hat. Any old hat will do to keep the thcorching thun off my thcone.


  11. I think they were also called a solar topee but I don't know why.

    I think the Marine pith helmet had a brass bobble on the top.
  12. Yes. Its a pith helmet.

    The clue was in the question, that begun :'This is a pith helmet...'

  13. It certainly looks like Corps colours and - depending if that date is correct is a Wolsely Pattern Helmet, Pith being the colloquial.
  14. So is it pre WW2 or Post? I can't remember seeing any photos or footage of WW2 Brits wearing these hats....
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