Does anyone know the proper story ? Heard about it years ago but never actually got the proper story.

The story as I heard it A patrol of Argylls had apprehended bad boy who had killed one of theirs ..he was taken to barn and was killed with a pitchfork ...to prevent one guy being prosecuted they all took turns to stab him with the pitchfork . Later at the court martial one of them turned Queens evidence & got off with it the rest went down .

I did have names but can't remember them & wouldn't be wise to print if I did !!

Anybody shed some light on this ?
You might find you are opening up a can of worms with this one mate, best left alone I think.
There's a chapter on this in Martin Dillon's book "The Dirty War". As with everything you read (and particularlty in relation to NI) you need to take the author's angle (intentional or untintentional bias) into account when you read.
RABC said:
you writing a book ??
if you are, you can get the names, dates, what happened, who got done for what etc in:

Sir Rowley Birkin QC said:
Martin Dillon's book "The Dirty War".
available from WH Smiths, Easons, Waterstones, Otakers etc...
Leave it be, careers and freedoms were lost as the result of the 'incident' (though the A&SH TAOR did quieten down as the result of it). Those convicted must be out by now.
I'll have to concur with the rest. Rumours all nice and good and what they may or may not have done was so so.... but it's gone finished and past!
It is a lurid tale indeed - and not so much of the rumours either! The pitchfork in the title is in fact a bit of tabloid gloss as the murder weapon was revealed at the trials to have been a Bowie knife.

It also seems as though there were wheels within wheels and Fermanagh sounds like a lovely area to be working in 1972. Check out http://www.sundaylife.co.uk/news/story.jsp?story=333558 for example.
they got out in 1993 or abouts that they were after my father and yes it should be well left alone...
I think you'll find it was left alone. Until you just triggered it off again over 5 years later.

You are now, I believe, the world record holder for finding antiquated threads, and I claim my Time Team DVD.

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