Pit Girls

Well, I've spent many hours examining all these pics and can't see a thing wrong with any of the girls there!! :)
After seeing Japanese 'Race Queens' my interest in motor racing grew enormously. I do like the one with the Fosters sash. Beer and beauty.
Not one of them girls knows how to take out spark plugs or change a set of brake pads, I fail to see the point of having them in the pits? :)
I was expecting to see Welsh mining girls.......
"A1 GP Pit babe", "Can I look at your....pit pass" and the Fosters Lady take the crowns, for me!

Although any of them frankly...
I was expecting to see Welsh mining girls.......
So was I, Mfanwy and Blodwyn soaping each other in the Pit Baths after a hard morning down the mine


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Just a bunch of model agency slappers hired in for the day, tried to chat a few up when I was a steward but they were only interested in the millionaire drivers or footballers
Faugh! for a wee moment there I thought it was about those old time bints that sorted coal at the pit head, Pshwa!

This is the pits!

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