Pistols Hot or Not-Show Us Yer Kit (real or for those in England, imagined)

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jumpinjarhead, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. In much the same spirit and perhaps foolishly posted in the rifles thread some time ago:

    Sphinx 2000H in 9mm
    Arrse Sphinx.jpg

    Not being a big friend of Polymer, this is my only plastic piece. Heckler & Koch US Socom or Mk. 23, the most expensive (and biggest) piece in my humble collection.

    Sig P210 9mm
    Sig P226 9mm
    Sig P229 in .40 S&W and .357 SIG

    1882 Swiss Revolver in 7.5mm Swiss (and yes, you can shoot it with .32 S&W Long but not with great accuracy). 1974 Colt Gold Cup in .45ACP

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  2. Nice collection!! I will have to get the rest out I guess--suppressors too.

    Glock 36
    Taurus PT1911
    Browning Hi-Power
    Beretta M-9
    Springfield XD40
    Springfield XD40 Subcompact
    S&W model 638
    Walter P-38
    Ruger Single 6 .22lr
    Ruger 22/45 suppressed
    Walter P22 suppressed
    Taurus model 94SS4
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  3. Was showing off my FN 1910 last weekend and someone asked "is that a Glock?"

    No, the only plastic on it is the grip panels, and even then it's Bakelite!
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  4. The advantages of living in NI , Tanfoglio 1911 Witness Elite Custom. 45 .

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  5. and WHO would that have been?
  6. Take a guess. Not M**e D*******t.
  7. LOL, what a cnut.
  8. You lot are weird.
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  9. No--just a private citizen now exercising my rights under our Constitution. ;-)
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  10. Wasn't him though. Amazingly.
  11. One of the other old timers? Do tell!
  12. Nope. Young chap, Cambridge.
  13. Oh THAT one. He's young and suffered a 'blow out' later on, he'll learn. Markus told me he was very lucky. He'd seen a freak accident like that with the same rifle where the shooter standing had fragments of three rounds in and around his privates.
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