Pistol-rifle converters

Jericho pistol-rifle converter

The MegaGun Jericho pistol-rifle converter turns your Jericho pistol within less than a minute into a short semi-automatic rifle by providing a better grip, higher stabibility and a platform for an array of accessories.

The MegaGun Jericho pistol-rifle converter enhances the operability of the pistol, offering a lethality range; faster entry to shooting position; quick target aquisition; superior accuracy.

Hi guys, I'm curious to know what folks experienced with firearms think of these pistol-rifle converters? It seems like a nifty idea, but my questions are:
1) In circumstances where a SMG, carbine or AR are appropriate, why not issue men with these weapons instead of fiddling around with these converters?
2) Do these converters effectively increase the length of the pistol's barrel (hence improve muzzle velocity) or are they built with a bigger bore than the pistol's, so the pistol's bullet never engages the extended barrel?
No the barrel stays the same inside the clamshell, with a browning type delayed blow back the barrel must be free to move to the rear with the slide until the cam or closed link drops the barrel allowing the slide to keep moving back to eject the spent round, you get reliablity problems if you touch the barrel or add anything too long to it, suppresors for instance will turn a lot of pistols into very pricey single shots.

In the acuracy stakes most pistols are in a word "crap" when the firer is under pressure. Add a stock, foregrip and a reflex sight and things will get a lot better. Being mostly plastic I would imagine they are very cheap to make and you can just drop in an existing service pistol and then add any bit's and pieces from the IDF parts bin. Very attractive to the Israeli market as there is need to be able to cheaply arm everyone with something with enough poke for short range use that fires from the closed bolt.
"browning type delayed blow back", eh? Do tell... :/

Please explain the mechanics of that one. Is it roller or lever? Or some other exotic system?

Can't be too common, since almost all full-power pistols are recoil operated...
Thanks for the feedback Buzz. I was just curious about the technology. I guess it must be a pretty niche technology.

There are loads of these kind of things on the market at present. I know a couple of guys who have bought them too, for a SIG P226 and a Glock. In my opinion these are fun gimmicks/range toys, and not much else, but they are definitely good fun to use and give a bit more versatility to your pistol.

FAB Defense KPOS (PDW) Pistol Rifle Platform for Glock and SIG
The pistol specifications remain entirely the same. It's really misleading to use the term rifle in relation to this product, which is also marketed under the name "Roni" (the inventor's daughter's name).
Despite the advantages it offers as far as enhanced stability of grip, accessory attachment points and dressing the sheep in warry wolf's clothing, it has not really caught on much in Israel. Your average citizen licensed to carry a pistol for self defense is not usually interested in carrying all that extra bulk all the time. Most security people issued with a pistol for their work have to maintain set levels of proficiency in tactical pistol handling. The types of pistol licensed here for security use are quite adequate for the anti-terror scenarios that security personnel are trained for. Training and range time are usually limited enough anyway - adopting this gadget would necessitate learning and practicing a whole additional set of handling drills.

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