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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Smokeless_Coal, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. The government has reintroduced its epetition site. They are deleting all similar petitions so this is the only one that will be running to request that the .22 ban should be reviewed.

    Reclassify .22 pistols as Section 1 - e-petitions

    It is our only hope that this should reach the 100,000 target to qualify for debate in parliament.
    So I ask you to please sign it and spread the word as much as you can.

    There is a simple poster here,


    If you could print it out and post it in gun clubs or elsewhere you will be do UK target shooters a lot of good.

    I repeat there will be no other,so this is the one we all need to sign and ask others to support.
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  2. Signed.
    Hope it succeeds, centre fire next stop.
  3. Sorry to be a complete mong but how do we sign? It's time they gave back the rights British people were given in the magna carta
  4. Signed, but

    (a) I don't believe the e-petition process is anything other than meaningless propaganda;

    (b) given the way the Olympics shooting has been rigged to specifically prevent any legacy or gain for the UK shooting community, I don't think there is the slightest chance of any relaxation of establishment repression of shooting sports;

    (c) I wonder whether it is a classic negotiating trap to simply debate the use of .22 pistols, rather than the wider centre-fire issues. I.e. the only outcome might be permission to use specialised target pistols only in highly restrictive circumstances only; the politicians would then be able to say "there, we've made a great concession; now bugger off whilst we deal with everyone else's petitions", and conveniently shelve all further discussion. I feel a better e-petition would be along the lines of demanding that the evidence about the effectiveness (or not) of legal firearms restrictions be examined, and past injustices towards the law-abiding shooting community be consequently be re-visited.
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  5. Signed. Don't care for target pistol myself but it's a bit thick that olympic team has to go abroad to practice.
  6. We lost these liberties a bit at a time, the best chance we have is to fight for them back a little at a time. The tories never took the 22's so there is no reason why they should not undo a Labour policy.
    We need a lot of help on this petition, others can sign, wives siblings fake id's etc.
    And pass the info around please.
    The petition site is deleting similar so this is the only one that stands a chance and all shooters should try and support it.
    We have made our organisations aware of it and hope their memberships will be informed. Unfortunately some of our organisations have the attitude, we didnt post it so we wont support it, and that lack of cooperation might shoot us down but there will be no other, if we fail this time then its probably bye bye pistols forever.
    So please support this and spread the word.
  7. zimchaz, clik on this link.

    Reclassify .22 pistols as Section 1 - e-petitions

    it asks for some details but this is a legal requirement for any petition to government. you will be sent a confirmation email which you clik on to verify.

    Maybe you will do it for an ex squadie? (ex RAOC 1970-1974)
    Maybe you will do it to try to regain a stolen liberty.

    Thanks guys.
  8. Especially the clause referring to .22 pistol ownership. Do you really think Kings John and Edward chatted around the table with their respective Earls and Barons saying, 'yeah, now with reference to arming the populace....ahahahahahaha!'
  9. My bold: You might say the same about the Hunting Act, but I don't see the Tories putting themselves out trying to repeal it, do you?
  10. Spot on. The Tories are too cowardly even to carry through a repeal that was a de facto election pledge...
  11. Granted they do seem to be dragging their feet on a lot of promises, probably because they are somewhat tied to the Lib/Dems who are predominatly opposed to hunting and shooting. The giving back of liberties also seems to be pie in the sky. Election pledges and manifestos have gone out the window. The Labour petition site was taken down straight away and this new one was a year and a half before it was put up, but still we have a chance to have a say and should try to use it.
  12. Signed. Hope they take some bloody notice!
  13. Signed 10 letters
  14. signed.

    ............. and i live in hope that ALL pistol disciplines will return to the UK.

    theres a lot to be said, but were all preaching to the converted in here.
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  15. Signed.

    Get rid of ACPO,that's gonna be the next one! :muhaha:
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