Pistol Holster Question

Not sure if this is the correct bit of the forum but heres my question.

I need to provide my own pistol holster for a deployment with US Army later this year.

I could take a Brit Army webbing one but personally I think they were an afterthought and not very good.

Most Spams seem to favour a leg holster. With CBA on that makes sense. A shoulder holster would, however, be more comfortable for extended wear in a HQ envirinment particularly in the heat of the desert. Maybe Ill get one of each.

So the question is who supplies good quality, well made, practical holsters at a sensible price? Can anyone recommend one they have personally used?

If you dont know what you are talking about please dont post. This is a serious question for those that might be able to give me sensible advice.
Bianchi used to be the big name in Holsters in Civvy pistol shooting days.
You might want more than one depending on what you're doing. If you're wearing full webbing / CBA then one of the modern thigh or shoulder rigs might be the thing. If it's belt order round barracks a 58 pattern belt and 58 pattern Browning holster looks smart and should hold a Beretta 92F
Silvermans will have them:

This is the one I bought over in the US before GRANBY. I was working with a US unit and carried my trusty (but f-all use in a firefight) 9mm Browning. The issue '58 holster was crap, so I bought this one, with some mag pouches as well.


Bianchi's a good make and I've seen a few RMP/RAF Police wearing them since - and civpol too.



PS The place I bought mine was so cheap that I also bought the belt, shoulder holster and the thingy for wearing it on the upper leg - I didn't use them much and flogged 'em when I left.
scarletto said:
Try www.battleorders.co.uk, they do a line of shoulder holsters
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Not where I'd go shopping for one. Nice picture of a bird in fantasy gear though.


Have a look at the MidwayUK catalog.


Type in "Holster Browning HiPower" in the search box...

Fill Ya boots boy... (All in sterling as well)
Yeah but their cheap, mind you bird isnt bad


Try this place. The Canadian MP's at BATUS swear by them, and I'm sure they can mail an order out....

Thanks for the ideas chaps

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