Pistol Bayonet!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. reminds me of a webley revolver Mk VI bayonet in ww1. looks cool but totaly useless :D
  2. I can top that.
    The APS underwater assault rifle
    Never be afraid in the bath again.
  3. "The Apache".... a french pistol, consisting of pepper pot (ie a revolver with revolving barrels not a revolving ammunition drum), a bayonet and a knuckle duster...


  4. i think the comments on that page do justice to why it's so important to have a bayonet on your pistol.
  5. I've seen that before. In Glasgow, it's known as 'a bloody good night in the boozer'.
  6. I saw about this a while ago. what amazed me is that it is made by k-bar, who are generaly known for turing out decent quality, practical knives. maybe not knives that are useful to everyone, but still very serviceable, and with real world applications in mind.

    this peice of "mall ninja" equipment amazed me.
  7. I think it's good that a big company can show it has a sense of humour. If you read the official press release it's very clear that this isn't ever meant to be used seriously.
  8. Youtube of the APS firing underwater.

    Check out the bullets!!!

    The wierd mag seems to be so shaped, because the spring folds in to the "protrusion", with the darts resting on the bottom of the other bit.

    Interesting to note on the same page is essentially a "taser "bayonet""

    Two probes extending from the muzzleflash, the battery in the foregrip.

    A spoon on the site has commented about the "dangers" of rain to the taser.... but hey, it is a tool/weapon (depending on viewpoint) to be wielded and used by trained professionals...

  9. Have we also overlooked the fact that a 'taser bayonet' would be pretty pointless since it's a secondary, non lethal weapon, attached to a primary lethal weapon.
    When you've got a gat out, isn't it implied that you are using lethal force?
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Clever photography to hide fact blade is less than 3inches long.
  11. Not really. Until you start firing you are "threatening lethal force". This just makes escalation a little easier in (admittedly) specific circumstances (ie you are next to your intended victim).

    There are obvious applications for this device....

    There is nothing wrong with having the "option" of non-lethal and then being able to ramp up to Lethal almost immediately.

    Certainly the yanks have moved forward with a 5.56mm in the spout of the rifle and a Baton round in their M203. A similar non-lethal/lethal mix?

    This could be a better option perhaps....
    mounted far enough forward, you can remove the double shot "mag" on the front and push the unit against the opfor similar to a handheld taser.

    So you use the live to suppress or merely the threat. Use the taser to incapacitate from up to 30ft, whilst maintaining the threat of lethal force.

    Or if the feeling is wrong, walk up, and touch the prone opfor just to ensure no funny business whilt arrestting.

    More here.

    Also available now is the taser shotgun shell....



    Fired up to 100ft, from a smoothbore shot gun. A computer chip inside directs voltage to the front end electrodes only, both front end and the two (of six) side electrodes from the body of the device, or to the All of the electrodes if it detects someone attempting to pull of the device. Not sure if there is a way of clearing the taser, by the firer, or if you have to wait until the 30 odd seconds of zapping is finished!!! :D

    more here

    Fitted to a rifle/carbine like so

    Pretty sure, your standard sawn-off side by side would be better though.

    Not seen one yet, but surely an integrated (at manufactur) 9mm pistol and taser, would be an outstanding "pick and mix" for such tasks. esp for police.

    Edit to add.
    apparently this is in use in Afghanistan by the US, and it is alledged to have been well received.... personaly i'd hope it comes with a smaller mag on the shot gun.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We made one up with a 9Mil slide catch & sheet metal cut to shape then welded together for a wind up while at Kinloss.Even welded a loop to fit an SMG sling!
    Then got a Snowdrop nig to do Bayonet Drills!
  13. a combined pistol taser would be an accident waiting to happen.
    people have been killed by cops who admitted they were going for the taser and pulled the 9mm instead :oops: