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Pissed the fuck off.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fluffer, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. I wanted to get an early night tonight, so sure enough i got into bed and the fucking slats fell through onto my arse, i felt like i was in a fucking hotdog bun, so i got up, felt my freaking back stinging and aching so i sat down for a break to reflet on the incidents that had just occured on the brink of getting sent down for arsen.

    I tryed fixing it and got a fucking huge splinter in my had that wont come out.

    So now its sleeping on a matress on the floor, aching back and a fuck off splinter in my hand, great, i feel like sharp shit constipation.

    So my question is.. 'i need a fucking soothing remedy', that doe's not involve my hand my my tiny squatter, any suggestions?
  2. A Glock to the side of the head?
  3. I bought a new kingsize bed the last month, with some gucci memory type matress thing. I sleep so well it's annoying.

    Buy a new bed you pikey.....or lose some weight fatboy ;)


    Failing that.....use what Falsh suggested.
  5. If it's any consolation my bed's awesome.
  6. I'm With Flash on this one........
  7. I might have to take up that offer..
  8. You must be a reet fat bastard to break your bed, and incidentally, early nights are for poofs.
    You're only a young lad, you should be roaring up some grubby munter. Instead, you're off to nu-nights in your Care Bear PJs? :roll:
  9. Which is why your a c0ck.
  10. Flash, where is your sense of tradition?


    Use the Mess Webley, if you please.
  11. You need one of these.


    You fat fuck.
  12. A c0ck with a very comfy bed and no splinters up my anus!!!!!
  13. :lol: Im not fat chappy, though i think me and the partner may have contributed to the damages, i just topped it off good and proper!
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. He's a Lord and a pilot, you have to obey him.