Pissed on Your Parade!

I know I will no doubt get slaughtered for posting this but further to a discussion I had after a previous posting, it has to be asked...

...has anyone ever pissed themselves during a parade?

Or witnessed it happen?

More to the point, what's been the reaction if it has ever happened?

(btw, it was a HC lad who confessed his sins to me!!)
I filled my lightweights with bum marmite after muster parade once.

Edited to add that I have been pissed on parade more than once. Probably had a lot to do with my loss of sphincter tone for the above.
A good mate of mine once collapsed on muster parade one morning (still pished from the night before) but he didnt just fall where he stood, he staggered forward about 15 feet and smacked he,s head of the corner of the coy HQ building before making like an epileptic spaz on the deck. Shaking and kicking like fcuk he was . CSM says you 2, med centre with that cnut, and carried on as norm. Good drills !
Did a freedom of the City parade pi**ed as a fart. The day before was my birthday and i woke up 3 hours late. In a hedge. With leaves in my hair. I was on parade in charge of a bang-stick, stabbing attachment and 3 rounds of blank swaying like a sapling in the breeze. The chap behind me looked decidedly nervous after we fixed blades. 8O

I also have an 8 inch scar to show for it. Bit of a fanny magnet. 8)

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