Pissed confessions that you can ONLY air on the tinterweb

The webs great. Absolutle anonimtiy which is why many arrse users get away with saying the things they do without being dry arse raped and, on my 3rd bottle of merlot i feel the urge to share with the world a sordid secret, safe in the knowledge that I can wake up tomorrow hungover yet without a horses head on my pillow and a bomb under my car.

I fucked Maxine Carr not long before she acheived international statesman-like status. She wasn't bad and she swallowed as well. Tried it up the ricker but it was a no-go on that one. Game girl and even kept her number however imagine shes changed it now!! I probably missed a trick not selling the story to the tabloids however I was married at the time so discretion seemed a good idea.

So, if your hiding Maddie, enjoy cracking one out over S Club Juniors or simply have more than hardcore under your patio slabs, the web is your friend and share it.
Yeah right.
I've seen CSI,they can tell what you had for breakfast by tracing your IP address.So I'll pass on the confessional thanks.
You social workers are all the same,perverts the lot of you.
Sigh, you must understand how hard it is to admit this.

When I read the thread title I actually thought it might be worth reading..

Oh the shame :(
I once fucked a married woman, in the kitchen whilst her husband was asleep in the next room, but I'm quite proud of that!
My girlfriend continued to give me a handjob as we passed through Checkpoint Bravo, Berlin, in 1977, I keep expecting the surveillance video to appear on you tube!!
What or who is a Maxine Carr?

Oh, ah indeed yes...I am obliged to you Mr Interweb, pray proceed.
Got pissed in the Berliner Bar in Hemer, and trapped off with one of the 2LI wives, shagged her on the sheepskin rug in the front room while her old man was asleep in bed. I even repeated the feat with the same woman after coming back off course 6 months later.
I nailed my next door neighbours wife in the kitchen while her hubby was spewing his ring up in the downstairs toilet after a night out. Good night that, started off with a cuddle!

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