Piss poor parking??

Problem is car park spaces are very small and cars get larger. I park in the furthest space from a supermarket as people tend to park close and damage cars.
Taking up two spaces could be a way to avoid getting a car scratched.
Not if you do it where I'm parking. All of our cars are so ancient, one more scratch isn't going to matter.
Not quite parking as such, but an interesting piece on the consequences of piss-poor parking drills.

'A Canadian woman “stole” a complete stranger’s car following an almost unbelievable carpark stuff-up. In late June, the unnamed woman rented a black Nissan Sentra from a company in Cornwall, Ontario in Canada. Immediately afterwards, she drove to a Walmart department store for a shop before finding what she thought was her car in the car park. The woman got into the unlocked car, pressed the keyless start button, and drove off — oblivious to the fact it was a completely different vehicle to her own rental. Keyless cars can be operated as long as the key fob is located inside the car, which was the case in this circumstance.'

‘Folks, we just can’t make this stuff up’
Percy Throwers in Shrewsbury at the weekend ...

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