Piss poor parking??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stevo842, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Ok at the risk of sounding like a miserable old man but does anyone else find it annoying when nuggets can't park within the actual lines



    Like these two fucktards.
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  2. Luckily "www.parklikeacunt.com" already exists!
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  3. Oh. You mean the website; I was looking for an ARRSE link by that name.

    It had to have been ages ago because I didn't have my 35mm camera with me, I spotted a state police car near the county court house. He was perfectly parallel parked in the middle of TWO SPACES. He was directly in front of the local fish wrapper (newspaper) but they weren't interested in stepping out their door and taking a snap of it, so I rang the state police and suggested they radio the trooper to park properly before a photo DID appear in the paper. It's amazing how quickly they can move sometimes.
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  4. Problem is car park spaces are very small and cars get larger. I park in the furthest space from a supermarket as people tend to park close and damage cars.
    Taking up two spaces could be a way to avoid getting a car scratched.

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  5. The top one's Luton. The second one is vaguely familiar.
  6. i just park next to the cunts that straddle lines leaving same amount of room as they would have had if parked properly inconsiderate twats that they are
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  7. My thoughts as well.

    PS I have bright shiny new car and the long haired CO nags me like hell if I park within one light year of the next car.
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  8. Fuck me that's shows a certain kind of intelligence when you recognise car parks!

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  9. I've tried that, but then you look like a cunt when you come to get your car and the original idiot who couldn't park has gone leaving ou being the one who's taking up two or more spaces.
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  10. not piss poor but parking related. At my old uni where a space was harder to get than a nun in a chastity belt.

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  11. Each morning on the way to work, I call in the nearby services for the paper. If I see some bellend who has parked over the white line, I make a point of parking a few inches away then sit in the services and watch them climb into their car via the passenger side.
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  12. If we're going for an identify the location thread, this don't half look like Stirling uni, up near the Wallace monument, which would tie in with your username, but in my heart of hearts I know it'll be Queen's or somewhere.
  13. Indeed I also agree, although this doesn't excuse some of the states that people manage to park their cars.
  14. .

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  15. How about this cunt in an Audi.