Piss off Turkey

That was great. I'd come all over my keyboard after the first minute. Please can you do one with your top off next time? x
I thought this cock was purely a sockpuppet on a wind up. Looks like he either is taking the piss but has far too much time on his hands or he is a genuine 5 star loon.

Another option that occurred to me is that the OP is a sockpuppet/troll posting the ranting of a third party nutter in which case he shows imagination but is still a bellend.
Sorry, but WTF are you on about? As for the Turks, I have no respect for them after spending 9 months of my life picking up the pieces when they decided that Famagusta et al, was a good move. Cunts.


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Anybody got a recipe for turkey eggs? I am thinking of having a BBQ when the weather clears up.
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