piss and sh it on a date

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pacestick, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Entirely random post, but had a giggle at the following link from another website (slow day)

    i'm sure this has happened to a few here, but probably by no accident either :lol:

  2. Ooooo....

    Porridge gun is going to get you......

    run for your life.......
  3. WTF...Who takes a bottle to p**s in on a date? How do you explain that one away if she finds it?
    Should have gfone the whole hogg and knocked one out while dropping the log, Im reliably informed this is mind blowing but its best to cover the bathroom in bin liners for ease of cleaning afterwards.
  4. it's been funcking boring here today! i suppose it would helpif i had some work to do :D
  5. "All of this could have ****ing been prevented if I had just brought my goddamn pee bottles!!!"

    What? Seriously? I thought bottles were for covert OPs, not bodybuilder general usage?!
  6. :oops:

    spose i should have looked at the date really!!! still funny though and brightened my otherwise dreary afternoon with some class sketches :lol:
  7. This bloke could probably do with some rubber pants.
  8. Mega! This guy has issues...
  9. No sweat, leave it in, it didn't take off last time, maybe it will now. :D
  10. Who would think that going in the bath would be a better idea, and why would you take pee bottles on a date?! 8O I like at the start where he says about not taking a pic of himself getting a girls number as his camera froze, why would you anyway?! Haha! So much wrong with that story!

    Funny though :D
  11. Top swordsman... and general 'squirer of ladies'.

    I wonder if he got a second date? :slow:
  12. While on the subject, makes me think of a story I heard on Radio 1 last year.

    A girl goes back to a boys place where she gets rogered senseless. He gets up for work and tells her to see herself out. She has a dump and is unable to flush it away, so has the great idea of picking it up and taking it with her wrapped in a carrier bag.

    She writes him a note telling him what a wonderful time she has and leaves. Then realises she has left the carrier bag next to the note on the table.