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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by johnboy1990, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Anyone off to Pirbright on the 26th of next month...
    Shitting it but looking forward to it.
  2. Spoke to ya before, I start 26th may aswell as you know. come on everybody, there must be some others starting then.
  3. kin dude I thought I would leave it a while because I got my date along time ago, so I was thinking by now their would atleast be a couple...haha obviously not.
  4. we might even have a troupe of technophobes! that's a possibilty. how's your training going anyway, you keeping on top.
  5. i know i might have to school them on call of duty and fanboy :)
  6. i know i might have to school them on call of duty and fanboy :)
  7. Good ol' "Concrete Hill" - you'll come to know and love it, intimately.
  8. you're not referring to the hill we had to run around for selection by any chance or are we looking at a more vaster and steeper challenge than that! i'm intrigued!
  9. im starting on the 26th lads. it was the 2nd of june but got told yesterday it had been moved forward!! :D
  10. nice...see you there....
    so whats this concrete hill iv heard so much about, everyone i have heard talk about it has said you will come to love it....
  11. Just out of curiosity are any of you taking a laptop.....
    Just now im border line wondering weither to wait till week 6 to take it down after the long weekend due to people saying no time for it, ect ect....
    But i think i might take it for using it for revision an what not, i find typing things up reading over it, typing it up again helps me remember it could be helpful in that aspect...
  12. i wouldnt bother mate, im not taking mine. there wont be enough time to use it, you dont know what chav type thieves we will be training with who have the ability to nab it away. and you can always use a pen and paper or just revise with the rest of us as a group, i find that works well
  13. yeah i guess so, iv already almost lost my laptop to my mum throwing water over me and it died for a day, then suddenly decided to work again, dont want any ned nicking it...what you joining then...
  14. ahaha good old mums!! im joing RAMC as Combat med tech. and yourself??
  15. lol yeah joining the r.e as a joiner....
    I am pretty confused as to how it works, like the whole section thing... like would because we started on the same day mean we are in the same section, or will there be a couple of sections with our group of people who start that day ?

    do you know?