Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wilko23, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Starting my basic training in september. I just wonderd if there is the internet on site ? as every so often would be good to catch up with people from back home. Also does anyone know what personal items you are allowed to take along ? Was thinking of taking some photos with me, would that be fine ?
  2. I think your encouraged to bring photos.
    Take one of your sister nude, it'll be a huge moral booster.
    Maybe not for you, but the lads will love it.

    But other personal items you are allowed to take are;
    Obvisouly books.
    Photos as mentioned above.
    Mobile phone (Not contract though as it's an hassle.)
    Ipod (or some sort of mp3 player.)
    And just a couple of things to remind you of home, small things mind.
    Just things just to keep your attitude up.
    Oh and writing stuff, pens, envelopes, paper et cetra.

    Letters are one major source of not becoming a miserable begger.

    Good luck!

    Edit to say: I havnt a clue on the Internet situation.
  3. No way am i going to bring a picture of my nude sister, that is just plain wrong.
    Why is contract mobile a hassle, its already set up, direct debit, why get a pay as you go, surely thats more hassle having to go get credit.
    Anyone else know if they have the internet on site for use at pirbright, just so i can check how mates are doing and check on the old fantasy footy once in a while.
    Yeh i will have a think about a few photos i wanna take.
    What personal items have you lot taken to basic ?
  4. 'Immoral' surely but it should still have a positive effect on the lads.
  5. Yeh that might be the caser turret_monster but there is no way that would happen its just plain wrong. What personal items did you lot take to basic with you ?
  6. Pay as you go is easier as your pay may get messed up in the beginning and then you find you cant pay your contract and its hassle for the staff when you start whinging about needing to use the phone during the day.

    I believe they now have a internet suite too so no problems with keeping in touch. Letters from home are great very morale boosting and finally make sure you pack a sense of humour and the right attitude it will get tough make no bones about it but remember its not the real world.
    That starts when you get to your first unit.
  7. Sense of humour = realising when someone's taking the mick i.e. No-one actually expects you to take a pic of your sister in the nude.

    However, if you have such a picture already, then take it anywhere, for your own amusement...
  8. Right attitude = taking said photo before going and putting up in locker for first inspection
  9. :D Right attitude, that's tantamount to bribing the instructors!

    Unless she's minging, then it's simply cruel...
  10. Does anyone know, if i can take my tiny digital camera along to basic training, im not going to be snapping away like a tourist in london, just wonderd if i can take a few photos for the folks back home ?
  11. having nude photos of gf or slut found on internet can persuade the ds to perv rather than throw your locker around
  12. Fair enough chuzu, so anyone know if i can take a camera along for a few photos here and there ?
  13. Thats why pay as you go is easier.
    Because your pay will always be buggered up.

    You can take a camera, I was allowed.
    I didnt use it much, because it got half inched.
    Bare that in mind with all expensive items, as you really don't know who you will be sharing a room with yet.
  14. I did my basic there jus last year, there is internet on site, theres a net cafe with about 20 computers in there, a cinema and all that good stuff.

    The only advice i could give you is be yourself and have a laugh, even now all we talk about is basic and how we'd do it all again if it was possible :p
  15. Cheers Ximmeh1987, a cinema wasn't expecting you to say that, do they show anything worth watching ? Has anyone been to pirbright and taken a camera with them, so they have photos to remember the time at basic ?