Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. just one thing............ im so scared...........

    go 2nd may......
  2. Aww! Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine :)

    Have you got everything ready yet (in terms of buying things)? You'll be fine, just think how many of us ugly bastewards have gotten through it, and if people like me can do it, I'm pretty sure you can :)

    Good luck
  3. aww thank you so much... im stressin to much bout it i know, its just im a shorty... im gettin on abit... and im a chic... and i want to pass so much.......

    i have all i need....... i think.... doin some more shoppin... chic thing... heheh,,

    but to be serious tho, i am worried.... i guess its the unknown, but i will try 100% and some more.... but if you have some tips.. pass on... and thank you...... and i know its only 2weeks of my life.... but i am alittle worried...

    bikerchic... xx
  4. The way you write......makes..,,my eyes bleed...... awww

    Apart from that good luck :wink:
  5. I'm off in 4 weeks too. Can't wait. Bit apprehensive like yourself but really looking forward to it. Anyone done it? Got any tips? Do they mind if you supplement your kit that they list for you to bring? As I have only 2 webbing pouches (water & utility) I'd like to get some more.
  6. wouldn't advise it.... they are very specific about recruits and issue kit. But you could always try! :wink:
  7. Ok, ta. I'll bring what's on the list then. Or what I've been issued!
  8. why dont you list all the kit your taking on here... there will be handy bits you can take just avoid bayonets of ebay and assault vests from your local surplus store, you get the idea! :wink:
  9. Extra pouches for your webbing are okay usually, and once you have demonstrated that you can cook with hexi then you can use a gas stove (well they were okay with that at Grantham).
    You shouldn't need any other additional kit, however my top tip is to buy a brand new set of mess tins to leave in your locker (save time cleaning the ones you will actually use) plus i took three sets of uniform (one stayed in the locker the whole time - one less thing to worry about).
    Headache pills etc should be obvious. Oh and loads of baby wipes for respirator cleaning etc.
    I also look loads of tee shirts and undies, again to avoid wasting time washing kit.
  10. alot of good advice... thanks to all......

    its nice to see surport form others... and i will let you know how i get on, goin away for afew days to relax abit... see you all when i get back...

  11. well, im all set to go....... hopefully ill be ok.... ill let you all know how i get on........

    see you when i get back....
  12. If you don't have anything on the list, make sure you speak to your recruiter or store man about getting it (or get it yourself if need be). If you turn up missing anything off that list, you're likely to get RTU'd.
  13. Oh and good luck. :)
  14. In my expereince the DS bent over backwards to help people who had missing kit. No one was RTU'd becasue of it. They gave out their own jackets and other bits of kit as well plus they had a stock of bergans, webbing and NBC suits just in case. For locker inspections only two of us in our room had two combat jackets so the DS said well as long as you are all the same we don't mind, so my second jacket stayed in my foot locker. Quite a few turned up with non issued PT kit. We just told the DS we hadn't been issued any (which was true), problem solved before it became one.
  15. Good luck sweetheart, and let us know how you got on and what happened whilst there. x