Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by squirt, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I have recently found out that I will be posted to Pirbright as an ATR instructor later this year. Can anyone tell me what the married quarters are like, or better yet, has anyone got any photos? I've heard they leave a lot to be desired! Are there any quarters which I would be best applying for - ie. new builds etc?

    If anyone else has got any general info about the camp/area, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I dont know about new builds, but if you have a three piece suite, you may need to take the window out, to get it in.
  3. The guardroom has wooden beds,with wooden pillows :(
  4. Well that's a good start?! 8O
  5. One word Fella!!

  6. Ha, yeah I got this feeling from a few people..! Heard the area's quite good... Definitely makes a change from the whole world of nothingness that is Lincolnshire!! :D
  7. So, to consolidate, your not sure what happens on a SAA course and you want to know what the MQ's are like at Pirbright? I take it you didnt ask for a 2 year instructors post then!! :lol: Pirbright MQ's are pretty shite, especially the ones on the opposite side to the family Spar, but there what you make them. Mines lovely inside, thanks to a houseproud missus. As a side note, the SAA course at Brecon is a great course, you dont get ragged to fcuk, they just like you to move with a purpose between buildings/lessons etc. Enjoy it, it really is good, as is Pirbright (i've heard its a bit chaotic since the formation of the 2 regiments though)

    Edited to add- PM me if you need any info, im still on the patch at Pirbright
  8. Ha how did you guess. It's not that I don't want to do it, I do, it's just all come very suddenly!! Turns out that if I do the SAA course I've been put on now, I'll have just a week to fit in all training on the weapons, WHTs and my APWT which the RAF Regiment assure me will not be happening... So obviously I need to get moved from this course to the next one which in turn may affect my posting date... However my squadron office is conveniently empty this week.. :roll:

    Anyone have any idea when the next course is after April? Hopefully I'll be able to fit in some shorter instructor quals between now and then...

    Also, quick one, are the postings generally 2 years? I've not got my posting order through yet and I have no idea how long I'd be going there for...
  9. Thanks for the offer.. I will be sure to speak to you if I come up with any more bone questions :)
  10. 2 years generally, but you can usually get extended without too many problems, but you've got to be seriously fcuked up to want that!! 8O

    Check the course DIN on the intranet for future dates, or contact your desk at Glasgow, as they have probably loaded you onto the course. As for another qual in the meantime, try BCDT. Its a qual you can use and its only a week long. Good luck mate. :)

    Edited to add- BCDT is a piece of pi55 as well as short :wink:
  11. Ha ha thanks. That was actually going to be my plan - see if I can get myself loaded onto the course at short notice. Problem I'm having at the moment is I'm on sick leave following an operation (I'm not a fat biff - just to clarify! :) ) and can't just pop into work to sort it out. I'm back in next week so hopefully I can sort it all out then.. I'm sure everything could be sorted out very easily if I didn't have to rely on my heirarchy to sort it out, however as a lowly JNCO, I'm not allowed to ring Glasgow direct! :roll:
  12. The Army tried selling of the Old Married Quarters, But the Local Council put them down as Condemmed.
  13. Ha ha that's good to know!! I can't wait!! :D
  14. Well god knows what's going to happen now! I'm supposed to be posted in June but if I don't do this course then the next one's not for five months... Do you know if I could be posted as an instructor and then get my SAA qual? I could obviously try and get shorter quals in before, so I'm not completely useless when I get there.. Or is it likely that my posting will get delayed/cancelled?
  15. ATR(P) was my best posting ever. Great fun, real job satisfaction.
    I would go back in a heartbeat.