Pirbright snow!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone no how bad pirbright is affected by the snow as i have my selection monday and im now just hoping it doesnt get to bad so it doesnt get cancelled. If it does get to bad do i phone them saying i cant make it or do they phone me?
  2. Are you a man or a mouse?

    Are you sure you want to join the Army?
  3. Im sure, but if you havent noticed the rail lines have been shut down due to weather meaning theres no way up to pirbright for me.
  4. Id get off the train in Redhill if I were you and yomp in carrying all your kit, turn up with a frosty tache and black finger tips and your in son !!

    Get a grip lad ! F*ck me its the first days of the rest of your life, if half the course dont tip up because of snow chances are you'll get a couple of hours in the Naafi that night anyway
  5. I dont mind the snow ive been running around in it for the last few days but ive read some posts saying its been cancelled due to weather so im just curious, i want to pass!!

  6. Is there a phone number on the joining instructions?
  7. 08457 48 49 50

    Is it that difficult?
  8. yer theres a number
  9. Well Im the senior Warrant Sargeant in charge of arrivals, wire me £20 and ill keep schtuum ! :D Try and get there mate if you can, failing that ring the gaurdroom AND your recruiter and inform as many people as you can that you cant get there but anticipate getting there in "........." hours, good luck mate.

  10. Fucking ring it then. :roll:
  11. It's pretty clear - if you're driving no probs, as long as your not lead footed. If your doing the train, there are about five or six through Woking and Brookwood an hour, and many of the taxi drivers locally learnt to drive in the mountains of Aghanistan and Pakistan, so a dribbling of snow isn't a problem.

    It's the army, not the after-school club, somehow can't see three or four inches disrupting your day. Unless The Snail is part of your welcome committee, rumour is that she's suffered under three or four inches before, apparantly. :)
  12. Chaps, if you cant be civil and informative then dont bother.

    Simple question that requires advice. Just remember these are young kids who have only just finished school nevermind jumping on to trains across country and being away from home for the first time.
  13. Thinking of enlisting?

    You won't regret it, it is a great life full of challenges. Including the chance to fly helicopters, according to the adverts.
  14. H3

    H3 LE

    Have you called them yet , what they say ? if not why not travel up on Saturday and use your initiative and stay in a B & B .

    Best of luck .
  15. Ahem, I was nice, and have PM'd him.

    Oh God, when will I stop this nicey thing?