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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RLC66, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. hey guys, im going to pirbright for the 2 day selection on the 27th of march but selection is on 28th and 29th but as i am flying from overseas they are sending me a day earlier because of the altitude i wont pass the medical. I have to be there 18hrs before it all starts because of the altitude causes heart murmurs.

    I would like to know if you guy have any tips for me? Anything at all.
  2. Hey mate

    Basically, just go with a really positive attitude, try your absolute best and be mature about it. Many people who I did adsc with treated it like a mini holiday and had the wrong attitude towards it.

    Tips for specific tasks:

    Lifting sandbags:
    Make sure you sprint to the sandbags when the PT instructor tells you to. Make sure you have a good attitude towards it, have some urgency about you. As soon as you've lifted it make sure you run back to your position asap.

    Jerry can carry: This is easy, just don't go behind or in front the PT instructor. Match his pace.

    Icebreaker: Just be confident. Make sure you talk slowly and make eye contact with the staff and everyone else. Make sure you cover all points effectively. They will pick you up on stuff you missed out on. Make sure you know a lot about your P1/P2 ect training and a little bit of history of the regiment you are going for. Don't go read out the wiki pedia on it just name recent ops/ how many battalions ect. Woffle on if you have to. No one actually pays attention to the crap your saying so just make it last without boring everyone to death.

    Gym Session: I thought this was cake. I literally thought we had finished the warm up when we had finished it. Just give 100 percent on everything mate. Its the little things like reacting fast to commands and actually doing your pressups correctly (Many people see it as a race, and push out 10 half push ups) Just make sure you do everything correctly. Don't cut corners for yourself, the session is only short and if you're hanging out your ass at the end you know you've worked hard.

    1.5 Mile run: Pretty easy stuff tbh. My advise would be stick to the front. Always try and take the man infront of you and push out everything you got for the last lap. Just remember 9 minutes of pain and then you get your dream job. Just think of how happy you'll be when you pass and that will help you give 100 percent. Just make sure you put the effort in on this one.

    Grenade test: By far the hardest thing physically I did at adsc. The beasting they give you before it nearly killed me. I made the mistake of wearing two jumpers and a hoody under my overalls, wasn't a good idea. Just don't give up. If they tell you to stand there jogging on the spot then do it. Don't stop for anything. Never stand still because you will get marked down for laziness!! Make sure you aggressively shout 'GRENADE' when its your turn, and make sure you get down when ever you're told to. Sprint back to your position and try to beat the man who's crawling beside you.

    Team Tasks: By far the most important event at adsc imo. Just get involved. Don't worry about looking or feeling like a fool you're there for yourself remember. Don't be afraid of telling people to stop slacking either. Have a serious sense of urgency about you and try to help with the little things like supporting a plank of wood when someone is carrying it. If you can't support it then tell someone else to. Don't be afraid to raise your voice as some people in my group generally looked like they couldn't care less. Don't look at the people assessing you, pay no attention to them at all. Make sure you remember your plan because you will get asked about it before you start and will look like a complete mong if you stand there saying 'ermmmm'.

    Interview: Didn't find this too hard. Just come across confident and have knowledge of your job choices. They didn't ask many questions with me just a couple like how many battalions ect. Sit up straight and when they ask you how you think you did, just say you literally tried your best in everything.

    Other things like standing/ Sitting up straight, never folding your arms, don't put your hands in your pockets and don't talk if your being spoken to as a group by staff. Don't talk whilst marching or in ranks. Remember your there for yourself, **** everyone else. You are there to get a good job don't be put off by others poor attitudes. And for the love of god, at lights out actually go to sleep. We had two idiots talking and one douche on his phone at 1 in the morning. I was the only ****** to say anything to them about it. Don't be that douche who everyone is pissed at when you have to wake up at 5 for what possibly could be one of the most important days of your life so far.

    Good luck with selection mate, post here when you're done!!!
  3. wow. didnt expect a post like. real helpfull, really appreciate it mate.
    the thing i think will be the hardest will be the icebreaker, but its like everything else...got to be prepared. did you pass ok?
  4. That's no problem! Hope it helps.

    I think the Icebreaker has changed now. I'm sure they just ask you one or two questions out of five possible questions. So my advice would be to look up the questions and memorise a response to them so you don't stand there and freeze. Just be confident, everyone is doing the same thing. Like I said, speak slowly and try to make eye contact with everyone in the room. My recruiter told me to stand still and not to move my hands too much. What helped me was practising in front of a mirror to see exactly how I would come across to everyone. And yeah I suprised myself to be honest. Was aiming for a B but got an A. I wasn't the fittest bloke there I got a 9:50 on the run but in my opinion if your fitness is at an ok level like myne was then the best part of it is just your attitude and your confidence.
  5. ah ok. yea they gave me a paper with what was going to happen at the icebreaker:
    -Personal Details 30 seconds
    -Topic 1minute 30 seconds
    -Reasons for joining the army 30 seconds
    -First job choice 30 seconds

    And ive a list of 5 topics, so what i am going to do is prepare all 5 of them and roughly memorise them. but do they chose the topic that you talk about? And belive it or not the part that i am finding hard is the reason for joining the army.. I know why i want to join but it will be the same reasons as everybody else is gonna say.. i want to think of something original.
  6. That's exactly what I was worrying about aswell. I didn't have a 'reason' for joining the army, I just wanted to. Think about what makes you want the job your applying for in the army. Think about what you're looking for wood to do in the army. That helped me with my answer. I just basically said for the experience and adventure and that the army offers a day to day life that no other job can. Don't spend to much time worrying about it because I only had to say it on my Icebreaker and I doubt anyone actually paid attention to the words I was saying and I didn't get asked about it in my interview.

    And yes, I believe they pick two subjects from the five.
  7. ok. good info. they pick two?? damn! thought it was just one =|
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