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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by betty_swollocks, May 20, 2006.

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  1. hi, im going to pirbright rsc on the 21st of june, for the second time! (got sent back the first time because of a heart murmur :evil: ) just wondering if anybody else is going on that day or has been before and can offer me some advice!?

  2. I'm going on Tue 20th June for the second time (High blood pressure) WTF?! :oops:
    I cant really offer any advice as i only got to the medical stage on day 1... But hey hopefully by the time you get there and get all your medicals done, i should be having my final interview :)
    Just look out for a wide 6ft ginger bloke 8)
  3. Just get your head down, do your best. Make sure you do some phyzz first so you can pass your run etc. Its easy.
  5. if your wondering why the qoute that im writing about is on a seperate post, its because i havent really got a fcuking clue wat im doin. anyway thanks for your posts, much appreciated. sounds like i wont be able to miss you Benji-son! all the best m8.
    havnt really done much phyzz work but i can do the run in under 10 mins and i can do up to 16 chin-ups so i should be okay on that side!?

    a problem i had last time is that i didnt know wat i was supposed to be calling everyone(sir, corporal, sargeant etc), i found myself saying corporal and hoping for the best! how do i get round that?
  6. Click on the "quote" box in the message to which you wish to respond.

    Make certain the cursor is at the end of the text.


    Hit "Preview" and check that what you see is what you want.

    Adjust in the lower screen. Hint: removing the square brackets makes things go funny. Hit "preview" to view.

    Once happy, hit "submit".

    Sit back and bask in the glow of a job well done!

    You will be taught what to call the staff in your platoon. "Sir" will be a good start!

  7. thanks Litotes, i might have been able to work it out if my head hadnt been drained of all its...well...everything because of all the eams ive been sitting. seeing as you posted so quickly im guessing your still online, you couldnt tell me a little bit about life in army?

  8. You've got the ranks weighed off now have you? Good start, they want to see you've taken an active interest. What u want2 join?
  9. I'm not british Army, but I'll hazard a guess: Rush to wait, Wait to rush. :)
  10. Betty,

    I am a long way from my days of basic training, but as it's you....

    :arrow: You are starting at the bottom - and you will always be in trouble. If you aren't in trouble now, you should be working on getting into trouble. This gives the platoon staff something to do!

    :arrow: Remember what you have been taught and regurgitate it when told to.

    :arrow: If you don't understand something, ask for an explanation. However, "why are we doing that?" should be the last phrase to leave your lips, although it might have entered your head!

    :arrow: Preparation is everything. Do your homework and prepare your kit before going to the NAAFI. If you have difficulty stripping a weapon, then don't knock off for a smoke when told to, but ask if you can practise stripping the weapon during the break.

    :arrow: Your platoon staff are always right. Even when they are wrong.

    :arrow: The mates you meet in the next few weeks are the most important guys in your life. You will form friendships that will last years. You will laugh as you have never laughed before. You will bezzer as you have never bezzered before.

    :arrow: The training is tough and hard work. You might not like it. Tough. Get on with it. It doesn't last for ever.

    :arrow: If you want to leave your current life behind, and there may be good reasons for doing so, tell your civvie mates that you aren't allowed mobile phones whilst training, and that you will ring them when you are finished. Switch it off and buy another SIM for your new circle of mates! Over the top, perhaps, but it might suit you.

    :arrow: If you really don't enjoy your new life, put up your hands and retire. Some people cannot adjust to a very disciplined environment; you might be one of them. Better to retire early than become bitter and twisted.

    :arrow: Be enthusiastic and enjoy yourself. Volunteer for everything. Have a go at every sport under the sun. Don't whinge until you have some time under your belt and then, only whinge in an understated way!

    'Nuff for now as I have some CRs to write. I am certain that my fellow ARRSErs can only add to this!

  11. royal engineers. the major at my recruiting office seemed pretty impressed or happy with this choice and steered me towards it, said thats where he started. what corps are you/ will be/ or were you in?
  12. thanks litotes, i dont know why but youve given me a real sense of pride and detirmination. thanks m8.
  13. I'm a Fitter, Royal Engineers. The best trade there is. We're called Equipment Mechanic (Fitter General) now I believe and are desperately undermanned. A good career choice for a sprog... What trade are trying out for?
  14. im going for fitter general! i hope what you say is true because i was speakin to a bloke who was going through his selection process a few months ago and he said that there was a struggle to get him a placement in that trade, may not have been down to numbers though. good life then?