I did my basic there 19 years ago as a J/GDSM when it was Guards Depot. Woking and Guilford isn't the same anymore. The WRAC depot has closed down so no army chicks to beast. You will love the Sisters and Heart Break hill and even the sand hill....

The Sisters are 3 lovely BIG girls who will show you a good time then they will break your heart on the hill.
Trust me mate you will love it.......
The Army going PC.
It used to kill me too but that did'nt stop the PTI beasting us.

I can understand though, it is a bit of a killer...
hmm, never stopped the PTI's taking us up heart attack hill....we got told sandy hill had been banned from use though....right before they sent us down it anyway...good times.

edited to add that it must have been JUST been banned because i was there quite recently.
Concrete hill that lovely honeycomb surface going up it was bad going down it was worse as your feet were pushed to the front of your boots and ripped to bits, also going down it was amusing to watch people to gain to much momentum and go arse over tit slide all the way down and end up in a bloodied heap at the bottom.
all the hills still in use and recruits visit every one of them at various times over the 14 weeks


Coburn said:
sorry about the spelling was in a hurry no u hav me worried about a hill thanks
1) Capital letters.
2) Punctuation.
3) There’s an “I” missing.
4) You’ve misspelled “now” “you” and “have”.
5) There’s more than one hill.

Were you still in a hurry at 4am?

Yes I have nothing better to do right now :D
For the record mate enger's dont do pirbright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the PT at pirbright is a pice of wee wee i did it and you can so just use your mental ability.........

...... pain is only there if you belive it is
I just love it when yuvs use an abreviations when "writing".
Do you do that on application forms ?

P.S. Change your avatar coburn as I had it first.
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