Pirbright - Nearest Train Station?

Can someone please tell me what is the nearest station to Pirbright please?

Sorting out my journey but the train planner doesn't recognise pirbright as having a station.

Thanks for the help.

Leave London Waterloo on Portsmouth Line. Travelling time Waterloo - Brookwood approx 50 mins.

Brookwood is about 2 miles to ATC Pirbright - they normally have a bus to collect recruits on intake days.
Brookwood........ Shiver 8O

Guards Desperate 1984........ Double Shiver 8O 8O

You lot have just put back my rehabilitation by 10 years :D

All i remember was it was a white Citroen BX....was also first experience of a white taxi driver...coming from Birmingham it seems taxi driving is exclusive to people from other countries.
the nearest station is indeed Brookwood, by my reckoning it would only be a 15 or 20 minute walk from the station to Pirbright

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