Pirbright January 28th anyone?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by little_guns, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. just wondering if anyone on here is goign to start their phase one training at pirbright on the 28th january 2008?
  2. Yep me 2 was going to winchester untill they told me they sent the wrong papers out. :roll:

    Im going signals EWO same as i think you are if im correct (read the life as ewo thread).
  3. ah sweet private message me your name then i'll have a clue about someone else there?!

    you nervous?

    so what do you know about the electronic warfare systems op job then? what are the chances two of us going on phase 1 at the same time after a job with only 250 people in?
  4. PM heading your way
  5. Good luck for pirbright lads great place to go.
    What Corp are you lot joining?
  6. pirbright is a good place to do basic, i enjoyed my time there in murphey troop!!
  7. oooo meeeeeee

    Going RA.

    got back from an RA insight course this week,nobody joining 28th,weird maybe ill be only RA guy there. :|

    probably see each other at brookwood then.

    hope we get a new block they look ******* sweet.

    quilts and all.
  8. Royal Signals
  9. alright boys, start at pibright on the 28th too.

    Also goin EWO Royal Signals and cant wait to be honest
  10. Good luck lads, just done selection weekend down there and loved the place. I should be attending phase 1 down there soon but will not be on 28th. Awaiting dates! may see you there.
  11. yeah cool, i did my selection at lichfeild so never been there, anyone else feeling nervous yet?
  12. Not nervous, excited. Done 1.5 mile in 9.26 seconds could have done better but it was pissing it down plus a marching band held us up a secs. You will love the place.
  13. Going RA by the way
  14. not really nervous mate, got a few pieces of kit to pick up this week end and im ready to go, you'l have to pm ur name.
    are you gettin any kit from the shop up there?
  15. most of the kit your out buying you wont need!!

    like your own running trainers, silver shadows all the way!! ;)