Pirbright iron 1200w phase 1


Hi I’m joining phase 1 shortly alaxander barracks pirbright and it states I can use a maximum of 1200watt iron which is terrible is this a must or can I take 2400w and they will be ok as it’s the closest I can get?
I brought a 3100w iron and was commended for it, dont get 1200 they are shit.

I just passed out also so not old infomation, just dont plug it in by your bed, use it in the sockets by the doors.
If there is a wattage limit, it'll be there for a reason.

Taking a higher wattage iron may cause the fuse in the accommodation to blow.
The wattage limit may or may not have something to do with a self-inflicted injury involving a recruit, his iron and the shirt he was wearing. Pirbright, ca 2014.

It is noteworthy that neither CITG nor the normally hyper-dull, H&S bloke delivering his trademark monotone briefing in his grey nylon tie could stop themselves giggling.
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