Pirbright intake 15th Oct

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mrsscottie, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi folks I'm going to pirbright on the 15 october is anybody on the same intake. And if anybody else has any Hints, tips or usefull info on getting through basic it would be appreciated. :D
  2. just keep your chin up and keep smiling
  3. yup, i'll be there on the 15th too :) only 5 weeks to go! woohoo, what you going in as?
  4. Yes. Bring some vaseline and practice sucking a cucumber until then! :wink:
  5. *nervous laugh*
  6. Hes being seriouse!

    Actually lol, vaseline is a good idea, rub it on your arm pits as your going to be swining your arms shoulder high for the next 14eeks and you get friction burns.
  7. sig or artillary havnt decided yet what you going to do phantom
  8. going in as CMT...

    vaseline in armpits? goddit.

    how long's basic for females now then? someone whispered it'd gone up to 17 weeks for women now coz they're all shockingly unfit?!
  9. its still 14 wks isnt it. I heard about a 2 wk pre conditioning course but i havent heard of anybody having to do it
  10. Also going in on the 15th \0 / Royal Armoured Corps
  11. I was told in my final interview at selection that basic for all females is now 17 weeks. Thats the only time its been mentioned to me, so I've no idea when it was/is being introduced.
  12. I called up my ACIO and they said basic training adult entry is 14 wks same for both male and female. I take it that the intake on oct is for both male n female.
  13. Only selected female intakes at Pirbright include a 3 week Soldier's Pre-Conditioning Course (making 17 weeks in total). If you do not know ask your ACIO. The SPC course is designed to improve fitness before going on to the standard 14 week course.

    The 14 week course, for females and males, remains just that, 14 weeks!

    Hope this helps.
  14. thanks Strefordender that helps alot. do you know how they decide which intake needs the SPC and which dousnt
  15. ive been to pirbright haha ull like it it has like a naffy bar which has a cinema room where u cn watch films o u cn play games its gd loved it me wat reg u goin in :D