Pirbright info???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BRADUK, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. im going to ATR Pirbright in a week!!!! (carnt wait) my girlfriend was just wondering how many weeks into bassic training do i get leave? and is it for a long weekend or a week?
    And do i need to take a knife??

    Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Is this a wah?
  3. First thing man up.... Tell 'er you get 2 days in week seven, in which time you should spend with your family so swivel on your latest toy.

    Hope this helps good luck........
    And for god sake dont take a big knife unless your from liverpool and have a huge chelsea smile and an attitude
  4. You should get joining Instructions off your ACIO prior to going as all ATR's are slightly different but you normally get a long weekend around week 5 or 6.
  5. no you get one when you get there,

    oh and a fork and spoon ,

    crows ,love em
  6. You get a long weekend on week 7 mate and you dont need to take a knife.

    Best of luck and hopefully you will be in LE CATEAU troop
  7. HI

    Just wondering, whats a WAH?

    I'm guessing war armchair hero or something.

    Couls someone please tell me what it stands for as it is bugging me.

  8. im understanding to mean, wannabe.
  9. Priceless :D
  10. Wah - ask a stupid brainless obvious answered question

    (like asking the guy in the recruiting office in uniform if he is in the Army -WAH!!!!).

    No knife needed, you're not Rambo, you get fed, so don't need to kill/skin food and it doesn't make you "Ali".

    Long weekend at week 7. After Week 7 you can apply for weekend leave passes (I think) depending on your schedule.

    And he wont be Le Cateau as they are already in training...
  11. This is a bad attempt at a wah.....but if not buy the biggest rambo knife you can find and turn up at Brookwood with it hanging from your belt (thats if your are not a chav who wears trackie bottoms).
  12. week 7 bud you get long weekend and then you may get a day release (saturday or sunday) after adventure training, my platoon staff only allowed us to go to woking or aldershot etc.... not to return home so dont expect that enless your gf meets you there... ( i only passed out 8 days ago from pirbright) so its up to date info ur getting.

    btw in training if you come back from the assult course wet ( which uwill) and a cpl asks you where u been dont say ASSULT COURSE... this is a wah answer and u will just get the piss taken out off you biiiiiig time.
  13. Was only Guards recruits when I went there in '73