Did you have any joy on getting any info on the pads at Pirbright?? Posted there in the near future and was trying to find out what state they are as i own my own house currently. Spoke to a pal who is there and his discription of 'horrid' didn't fill me with confidence. Cheers sam
I just moved from pirbright a few months back, some of the houses on the patch are in good condition but others are 'horrid'. Depends on how many kids you have because i find that the smaller houses in pirbright, adams croft are much nicer whereas the bigger ones, heather walk, where i lived where not so nice until they decided to refurb are kitchen. Have you been given the road of your quarter?
Hello i was just wondering i will be posted to pirtbright soon i now that some of the accomadation there is diere and theres the new accomadtion which is loveley if i move in to army accomadtion am i allowed to refurbish the hole house as in funiture and a lick of paint new carpets ans that ???
If you paint then when you leave it needs to go back to its original Magnolia, If it needs carpets then get MHS to replace them. If you put down your own they will have to be pulled up by you when you leave
thanks bud just ive been told that the married blocks at pirtbright are quite a shambles tbh can u also move in with a girlfriend as long as its seriouse not this months arm trothy ?
tar has any one got any photos or links to photos were i could see accomadation, i do also belive that you can rent off base with ur partner aswell
seriously are they really that bad what u suggest then renting off base where best place to find an estate agent or something that deals near to pirtbright
i hope you have a nice pad as when i was in pribright with the vikings half the pads were condemmed and flooded twice a year .

it would be good to hear if they sorted this problem

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