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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Pirate4314, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, how long is the wait between the fitness tests at Pirbright and starting basic taining at Catterick please?
  2. Depends on avaliablity of Phase 1 places... The_IRON will no doubt explain when he sees this topic.
  3. Dont need to your correct, depends on availability of places once passed recruit selection, should be quick for infantry. I had one bloke went in five days later as somebody dropped out and left empty place. Allocations will let your Recuiter know of avilbility and you tell Recruiter how soon you want to get in.
  4. sweet, so it wont be lie a 6 month wait then?
  5. No, I know of lads that have gone into training only a month after passing selection... What Inf Reg you looking at joining?
  6. Excellent news! cheers pal ;)
  7. What inf reg you looking at joining pal?
  8. Do you know KILLER_COMMANDO from Lambeth?
  9. nah, I only just joined the site, unless that's his actual name :s
  10. Lol, no its not his real name, and he shouldn't even be called it on here... he's a special person... ;) if you catch my drift.
  11. Is he in 2 PWRR then? Will I be "special" if I join it to then?
  12. He definately not in 2 PWRR - he's not even in the army, or any other service - just says he wants to join PWRR, but he's, errm, special...