Pirbright Catterick

5205Bradders said:
Depends on avaliablity of Phase 1 places... The_IRON will no doubt explain when he sees this topic.
Dont need to your correct, depends on availability of places once passed recruit selection, should be quick for infantry. I had one bloke went in five days later as somebody dropped out and left empty place. Allocations will let your Recuiter know of avilbility and you tell Recruiter how soon you want to get in.
O right, a nutter, I still can't get over that Golden kid, I dunno what's worse the fake letter from Mike Jackson or turning up a Catterick in his on bloody combats lol!
I mean there's walting and there is what Golden did, a crime where he's the only victim. It was just so pathetic, you wonder what's going on up in his head, I mean what was he thinking when typing that letter out... he was probably in his pants, laughing and spitting Doritoes all over his monitor at 3am ;)

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